Puffed eyes are a major cause of concern and affects all groups alike, be it young or old. Read on to know signs & symptoms of puffy eyes.

Puffy Eyes Symptoms

You happened to work late last night and in the morning you woke up with the thin skin just below your eyes swollen. This condition is known as puffy eyes. Presence of excess fluids in the connective tissues around the eye leads to swelling of the eye as well as eyelids. The early morning puffiness is usually temporary and does not require any medical treatment. However, if your eyes continue to be persistently puffy for weeks long, the cause should be tracked down soon. Puffy eyes can be caused due to a variety of reasons. Allergic reaction is one of the primary causes of puffy eyes which may induce redness or itchiness to the eye. Suffering from high blood pressure, bloating due to consumption of too much alcohol or salt and even a hangover can result in puffy eyes. Fluctuating hormone levels leads the body to store fluids around the thin skin below the eye, resulting in a puffed look. Even drug induced hypothyroidism is another cause of puffy eyes. To detect puffy eyes, swelling or inflammation of the eyes is a major symptom. However, apart from that, there are others signs which reflect puffed eyes. In the following lines, we have listed signs & symptoms of puffy eyes.
Signs & Symptoms Of Puffy Eyes
  • Inflammation or puffiness of the upper and lower eyelids is the most commonly sighted symptom of puffed eyes. The skin around the eye region is very thin and sensitive. It is full of blood vessels, which make it very susceptible. When fluids get trapped in these eye tissues, it results in puffiness. At times, retention of excess fat in these tissues underneath the eye can produce an eternal puffy look.
  • If the puffed eye condition is left untreated, it can even lead to inflammation. Along with that, it also leads to redness of the eyes and itchiness. This is mainly caused due to allergy and since inflammation involves a tissue’s reaction to irritation of any kind, an allergic reaction can at times trigger inflammation.
  • Puffed eyes can even cause dark circles, accompanied by slumped skin underneath the eyes. The skin around the eyes has fewer oil glands compared to the remaining parts of the face. So, besides becoming dark easily, it also loses its elasticity as one gets older. Dark circles are nothing but a manifestation of the collection of blood vessels situated around the eye region. These blood vessels tend to expand and constrict depending on various factors. At times when there is water retention in this area, it leads to puffiness.
  • When the skin below one’s eyes and even eyelids get swelled up to a large extent, the person is unable to either open or close his eyes proficiently. This occurs in extreme cases of puffed eyes and is caused due to excessive intake of alcohol causing dehydration and consequently conditions of fluid retention or edema.
  • Bags or excessive skin under the eyes is a result of fat accumulation in the tissues around the eyes. This form of puffiness is generally permanent and can be removed with the help of a minor surgical operation.

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