Sore eyes can be caused due to several reasons. Nevertheless, they should be given instant treatment to prevent severity. Check out this article to find some home remedies for sore eyes.

Sore Eyes Treatment

One of the most precious gifts bestowed upon us by God, eyes are the windows of our soul. They are one of the five senses, often considered to be the most important amongst them. While they are a priceless treasure, they are also prone to numerous infections and ailments. Nonetheless, most of them only cause visual problems, such as redness of the eyes. Regardless of this fact, our, eyes, when succumbed to an infection called sore eyes, also known as conjunctivitis, cause incredible pain and irritation. Reasons could be several, some being allergies, dry eyes, foreign object, injury, or irritation from contact lenses. In most cases, sore eyes are temporary lasting for few days, but when ignored for long durations, they can be highly risky, with chances of even getting visually impaired. In case you or someone close to you has been infected with sore eyes, fret not. Given here are some home remedies for treating sore eyes.
Home Remedies For Sore Eyes
  • Indian gooseberry is a good remedy for treating sore eyes. Extract juice from the gooseberry and dilute it with some honey. Consume this mixture twice daily.
  • Coriander is also known to be highly effective for sore eyes. Take a handful of coriander leaves and prepare a concoction using 60 ml water. Wash your eyes with this solution to get relief from pain and swelling.
  • Extract juice from carrot and spinach. Combine 200 ml spinach juice with 300 ml carrot juice. Mix well and drink frequently.
  • Parsley is another good option for curing sore eyes, when combined with carrot. Prepare a mixture of 200 ml parsley juice with 300 ml carrot juice. Consume regularly.
  • Using cucumber is one of the easiest and most effective treatments for sore eyes. Apply cucumber slices on your eyes for 30 minutes.
  • Soak cotton balls in rose water and apply on your eyes for relief from irritation and swelling.
  • For immediate relief, soak cotton swabs in boiled water, diluted with a little salt, and place on your eyelids for 5 minutes.
  • Pour some fresh cow milk in a clean bowl. Dip cotton swabs in the milk and sprinkle some potash alum powder over them. Henceforth, place these cotton swabs over your eyes for few minutes. A very useful remedy for reducing redness and itchiness of eyes!
  • Try soaking chamomile or green tea bags in warm water. Wash your eyes with the liquid and place the squeezed out bags on your eyes. This will provide you effective relief from redness and irritation.
  • Place peeled potato slice over your eyelids and rest for about 15 minutes. Thereafter, wash your eyes. If required, repeat again.
  • Dilute some aloe vera extract to cold water and soak a piece of cotton cloth in it neatly. Place this soaked cloth over your eyes and gently clean them with the cloth.
  • Give your eyes a break from contact lenses. Wearing contact lenses all day can dry your eyes, making them dry and itchy. Thus, give your eyes a breather.
  • Dig through your makeup bag and remove all expired or very old mascara or eye shadow. They could be one of the major causes of irritation or infection to your eyes.
  • Take a break from TV or computer. Gazing at the screen throughout the day can lead to sore eyes. Hence, ensure that you take periodic breaks to keep your eyes healthy.
  • Avoid sharing towels, eyeglasses, sunglasses, or makeup/cosmetics with others as this can lead to transfer of infection.

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