Calluses are not fatal, but if left unattended, they causes pain and skin ulcerations. Explore this article and know how you can get rid of calluses.

How To Get Rid Of Calluses

Calluses are nothing but skin hardening due to friction and pressure and at times repeated irritation. It is better to allow calluses to form rather than rubbing them too hard which in turn leads to the formation of blisters. Calluses are natural defense systems of the body to protect skin from pressure and friction. They usually occur on the feet and at times on the hands fingers and chin. This build-up of dead skin is commonly termed as ‘corns’. According to the saying “Prevention is better than cure”; calluses are better prevented than treated. If the pain is unbearable, it is best to consult a physician. However, there are a few natural methods that are available which people can use to heal calluses at home. All you need is patience and certain precautionary methods that you need to follow.  Read on to know about how you can get rid of calluses.

Tips On Getting Rid Of Calluses

Protect Sensitive Skin
You need to protect your sensitive skin areas like your feet, palms, knees and elbows, by wearing protective garments like gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, socks and shoes, when you are doing rigorous work.
Wear Comfortable Shoes
It is advisable to wear comfortable and well fitted footwear to get rid of calluses. Women should avoid high heeled foot wear and men should avoid work boots that are uncomfortable to protect themselves from calluses, as they cause much pressure to the feet.

Avoid Repetitive Motion
Try to avoid repetitive motion in your day to day activities as much as possible. If that is not possible, incorporate some changes in your everyday work, so that the same body parts are not used often.

Use Moisturizers
Use moisturizers with less water content and seal the calluses with a gauze or cotton cloth when you are at home or during the nights before you go to sleep. These moisturizers will slowly diminish the calluses and also prevent more from forming.

Skin Exfoliation
Using exfoliating scrubs regularly during a bath or a shower will help in removing dead skin. You can also soak the part affected with calluses in warm water with a little vinegar solution once a week. Following this, you need to use a pumice stone to slowly rub away the dead skin once it softens. If you are diabetic or if you have sensitive skin, you can avoid vinegar and use just lukewarm water to soak the affected part. However, do make sure that you do not rub the affected area too hard with the pumice stone to remove too much calluses at one time.

Use a Calluses remover
You can use a callus remover lotion or electric callus removers that are available with a good chemist.

Seek Medical Attention
If the calluses are not paining or bleeding, you needn’t worry at all. Calluses are actually your body’s natural defense system and help to prevent more skin damage. However, if you are facing persistent pain and bleeding, it is better to seek proper medical help.

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