For all the mommies-to-be out there, here are some healthy living tips worth considering before the final go. Read on to learn more on health tips for pregnant women.

Health Tips For Pregnant Women

Whether you are expecting for the first time or fourth, the very feeling of conceiving is sure to leave you on a high! Being pregnant is one of the best things that can happen to every woman and is indeed, an occasion to be lived to the fullest. Pregnancy is certain to leave you bubbling with love, enthusiasm and some anxiety too. After all, your baby is someone you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years and in your heart till you live. Pregnancy indeed, has its highs and lows and this is one phase when your health needs maximum attention and care. Right from your diet to your physical health to fitness and beauty, everything needs extra pampering this time. So, while you continue to enjoy the blessing, don’t forget to attend to your health callings. Here is a list of health tips for expecting mums. Read on to educate yourself.
Healthy Living Tips For A Pregnant Woman
  • Pregnancy can be bliss, but not before you go through the much dreaded bouts of nausea or ‘morning sickness’, making you cringe with disgust every morning, during the initial weeks of your pregnancy. Though there is no known cure for it, eating well and keeping yourself hydrated seems to be the only way to ease your ‘morning-sickness’. Eating 5-6 small meals daily and gulping gallons of water may be the only answer to your everyday woes.
  • Most mums-to-be go on an eating spree when expecting, binging on everything their body beseeches. Cravings are just as normal as all other symptoms related to pregnancy, but knowing where to draw the line will save you from losing your precious time struggling to shed all the extra kilos on the treadmill, post-birth. Try substituting unhealthy cravings with healthy alternatives, like fruits and veggies. Not only will it benefit your baby, but also help you keep in shape and glowing.
  • For most expecting mommies, pregnancy is just another reason for being lazy. Pregnancy definitely calls for extra rest and care, as expecting moms are likely to feel more tired, but being plain lazy is no solution to this. Unless you are battling a complicated pregnancy, there is no need for you to become a couch potato through the entire term. Physicians suggest that a pregnant woman should exercise at least 30 minutes on all or most days. Walking is definitely an easy bet. You can also opt for swimming, but only after having a word with your obstetrician.
  • When expecting, you are likely to be pampered with lots of extra care and definitely extra servings of food. Remember, the age-old adage, “go get more, you’re eating for two”. It’s true that your baby gets nutrients from everything you eat; however, it makes little sense to double your food intake. An average woman only needs 300 additional calories while pregnant and these calories can be gained by munching on healthy snacks. So the next time, your concerned mom or eager aunts try to coax another helping down your tummy, don’t forget to say ‘no’. You will be doing yourself a huge help that way!
  • It’s easy for mums-to-be to feel low and down when carrying! Rapid changes in hormones and even anxiety over the forthcoming responsibility can trigger sudden mood swings. Keep the blues away and boost your mood with a healthy diet. Bananas, chillies, gooseberries and even water are known to ward away all signs of stress. Also, don’t miss to indulge on your eight hours of delicious slumber. Reading your favorite book or going out for shopping and even eating whatever tickles your taste buds may help you beat the blue.
  • Don’t forget to stub that butt when expecting! Remember smoking and pregnancy can never go hand-in-hand. Smoking when pregnant can lead to unwarranted horrifying consequences, like Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, stillbirth, premature birth and even miscarriage. Self-control is the key here. Remember, your baby is precious and making this small sacrifice is just your way to show how much you care.
  • Pregnancy definitely comes with its own shares of woes that can send your skin and hair for a toss. Mums-to-be definitely need to care for their skin and hair health. Avoid indulging in long baths and using strong soaps. Moisturize and nourish your skin to keep it supple and glowing. Massage your tummy religiously each day, especially after shower, to avoid stretch marks and have a happy pregnancy.

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