The old wives’ tale about being pregnant when you begin to crave pickles needs to be revised. Here are some surefire ways to know you are pregnant.

How Do You Know If You're Pregnant

Many of us have come across movies where women who suddenly begin to feel dizzy or nauseous send the whole family into frantic celebrations. We get to know that the central female character is about to turn ‘mother’ and soon there will be a child artiste playing all over the screen. In reality, we find ourselves asking whether that is the only way, a women’s pregnancy could be ascertained. Of course, it could just be food poisoning! The answer is a ‘No’. The surest way to ascertain pregnancy is to get yourself tested or conduct the do-it-yourself easy urine test on yourself. However, there are other signs too that could indicate that you may be achieving motherhood very soon. Here are some signs that could signify a possible pregnancy.

Ways To Know If You're Pregnant
Here are some surefire signs that will help you ascertain your pregnancy: 

Missing Periods
Missing a period or having very less periods could mean that you are pregnant. If you never had a period in a month then it is an obvious sign, but too little or mere spotting, instead of a full blown period could also mean pregnancy, while you may think it is just a light period or just untimely spotting. Be sure to get yourself tested or conduct the urine test on yourself. 

Did you find that your breasts are suddenly swollen? Are they all too tender or painful to touch? These symptoms may be common to those you experience right before a menstrual period, but these are also indicative that your body is preparing itself for nurturing a child. 

During pregnancy, a woman’s body is working overtime and you feel too tired even as you wake up in the morning. In fact, during pregnancy, women feel tired for no apparent reason. 

Morning Sickness
It is one of the surest ways to guess pregnancy, the one that has been recognized for ages. Nausea that comes with or without actual vomiting – the one that is branded morning sickness because it usually occurs every morning – is another sure sign of pregnancy. 

Unexplained cravings for anything that you may not have liked earlier could mean a pregnancy, though it can never be a sure indicator. It is, in fact, one of those signs that differ from person to person. You may also begin to hate the smell or taste of things that you liked earlier or did not mind earlier. 

More Urination
Frequent urination and waking up too often at night to empty your bladder is another sign of pregnancy. During pregnancy, women experience frequent urination as the pressure on their bladder increases. 

Other common symptoms that could signify that you are pregnant are enhanced senses, especially taste and smell, constipation (which may make you devour half a kilo of jalebis everyday!), backache, especially pain in the lower back, due to increased pressure that you abdomen puts on your back, aversion to foods that you liked earlier and making strange combinations (like pickles and ice cream or rice and tomato ketchup!), heightened emotions like crying buckets when you see a film that may be even slightly sad or hearing about people dying in war or aversion to pictures of suffering that left you unfazed earlier are all signs that you may be having a baby.

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