Have you ever come across a choking victim and felt useless that you could not do anything to save him/her? If yes, then go through the tips given here and know how to save someone from choking.

How To Save Someone From Choking

Have you heard of the new game that teenagers play today? It is called ‘black out’, ‘space monkey’, and even the ‘fainting game’. In case you are in the dark, you will be surprised to know that in this game, teenagers cut off oxygen to their brain, by using scarves, neckties, belts or anything they can choke themselves or each other with, in order to get a high “naturally”. It is a dark game that can turn dangerous and has even proved to be fatal in many cases. While the manic teenagers choke just because they like to play with life and death, choking can be encountered in routine situations as well and prove to be quite lethal. Some of the common reasons that lead to choking are not chewing food properly, eating too fast, having high levels of alcohol, and so on.
Children may also choke themselves in situations when they are playing or eating and are left unattended. In order to avoid choking, food should be cut into small pieces, thoroughly chewed and then gulped down. Talking or laughing should be avoided while eating and water should be taken along with food. In other cases, alcohol levels should not be in excess, children should be restricted from playing while eating, kids should be monitored and not allowed to play with items that could be swallowed, and so on. When it comes to kids, it is important to remember that it is not good to eat or feed your child while driving or in a car. However, even after taking the preventive measures, your kid or someone one else can become a victim of choking. Now, what would you do? In case you don’t know, read on. Further ahead are few tips that will help you know how to save someone from choking.
How To Save A Choking Victim
In order to save a person from choking, it is first necessary to realize that he is suffering from the problem. The most common sign that someone is choking is grabbing or clutching at the throat. Once you see someone doing that, ask him to say something. If the person can speak, ask him to cough forcefully and call emergency services in the meanwhile. During this time, it is unadvisable to hit the person’s back or ask him to raise his arms, as it may prove to be more detrimental.
In case the choking person is not able to speak or cough, Heimlich maneuver needs to be done. It involves an abdominal thrust that forces the stuck object out, by means of forcing air into lungs by raising the diaphragm. This induces a cough, which helps in throwing the object out. A step-by-step process of the Heimlich maneuver has been given below:
  • Inform the person what you will be doing and stand behind him.
  • Stretch your arms around the person’s stomach.
  • Make one hand into a fist and grab it with your other hand.
  • Press the fist (thumb side of the fist) into the person’s abdomen.
  • You should position your fist below the breastbone, but above the navel.
  • Start giving upward-thrusting movements.
  • Continue this until the stuck object comes out.
Note: It is important to know that you should not try this process on someone who is not choking.
After Steps
Even after the stuck object has been removed, medical attention has to be provided, to check if any damage has been done to the abdomen or airway passage. Should the person become unresponsive, due to lack of oxygen in the brain, cardiopulmonary resuscitation has to be undertaken.

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