A flat stomach with six pack abs is dream of most of us. Find out a few tips on effective abdominal workout & exercise.

Abdominal Exercise Tips

Madonna turned 50 in 2008, but regardless of age she is still evolving and is considered a legendary icon in the music industry. Apart from her beautiful music she has been on top of the charts for being a celebrity who has been able to maintain an unmatchable physique over the years. Upholding this prestigious label does not come easily. Only those inquisitive enough know how much time and effort Madonna invests to attain a physique like that. Her fitness regime is strict and she rigorously follows a discipline. This is true with anyone who wishes to attain a good body, whether it is muscles, toned thighs or flat or six pack abs. When it comes to getting perfect abs, it is not sufficient to do only stomach crunches. The abdomen region is not limited only to the stomach. It includes parts around the stomach and pelvic region and therefore the entire region of the body needs to be exercised to get an overall toned abdomen. Moreover supplementing exercise with a healthy balanced diet is important. If you go overboard on eating unhealthy food you negate the affect of exercise on your body. The claims of ‘low fat’ and ‘healthy’ food products are not an overall solution and they will not help if you do not exercise. Discussed further are a few tips that will help you attain fabulous and well toned abs. 
Effective Ab Workout Tips 
  • It is good to begin by understanding your body. Knowing which muscle you are exercising will help in putting more focus. Moreover it is better to do 10 crunches in proper way rather than 20 improper crunches.
  • It is important to breathe in a right manner. Inculcate a habit to exhale when muscles are contracted and not hold your breath. This will only lead to your muscles getting toned and tightened around the air you are holding, therefore giving you a more rounded shape.
  • You should combine various kind of exercises such cardiovascular as well as aerobic exercises to achieve a toned result. Just by focusing one region or muscle, you will get a disproportionate body fitness level. You would surely have come across men with pumped chests but chicken legs.
  • Take Madonna as an example; to get an overall toned result, she alternates with exercises such as cycling, swimming, horse riding, biking, dance floor workouts and even martial arts.
  • In addition to exercise it is essential you have a balanced diet. By indulging you will negating the affect of exercise, while if you starve or diet, your body will have no choice but to extract from your muscles to sustain, therefore not helping you get your desired result. A balanced diet of carbohydrates, protein and fat is required to gain muscles and lose weight.
  • It is always advisable not to have a very ambitious fitness regime. You should gradually move up a notch to give your body time to adapt.
  • It is best to get professional guidance so that you do not exercise improperly which could lead to injuries.
  • Whatever technique you choose to get those perfect abs you have been dreaming of, discipline and dedication is the key. A regular fitness routine will ensure faster and long lasting results.

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