Everyone has six pack abs hidden below a layer of fat in the body. Defining it requires rigorous exercising & strict diet. Here’re some good abs exercises for men for getting a six pack abs.

Ab Exercises

Abs is used as a short term for abdominal muscles. The abdominal muscles comprise three distinct muscle groups. The chief muscle set is located in the front of the torso region in the body. It’s divided into eight blocks and is known as rectus abdominis. Obliques, the next muscle group is on the lower side of the torso just above hips. Whereas, the third group locks into the rib cage and is called Seratus.
Together the above mentioned set of muscles is popularly called the six pack abs, acquiring which is almost like a ‘dream come true’ for most fashion aficionados. It’s a dream come true because it’s only upon rigorous exercising and following a very strict diet that these muscle groups in the body get defined. Strange as it may sound, the six pack abs is there in each one of us. The only reason why one cannot see it is because it’s hidden under a layer of fat.    
Abdominal Exercise for Men to get a Six Pack Abs
Bicycling is considered the ultimate exercise for toning one’s abdominal muscles.
This is mainly because the act activates every muscle in one’s abs to form a strong, lean torso. Whenever bicycling, make sure that you pull your abs inwards i.e. bring your navel towards spine and keep it in this position right through the movement to protect your back. However, do not hold your breath and go steadily so that you can really feel it! Do 10-16 reps.
The Plank
The plank is another fabulous exercise for the abs toning. It considered quite effective for the transverse abdominis and the muscles on the back. You can do this exercise either on your elbows or on hands. Pose like you are about to do a pushups and maintain that posture, ensuring that the body is in one long, straight line starting from head to toes. Do not allow the belly to slump and keep neck straight. Hold as long as you can.
Crunches on the Ball
It should not be news to any health freak that exercise ball is a tough but effective abs workout. You can choose to do crunches on the exercise ball instead of doing the same on the floor. The good feature about this type of exercise is that it not only tones up your abs, but also other regions of the body like your butt and legs. However, keep in mind that you do not pull on your neck and roll infront a little if the move is very tough.
Reverse Crunch
Doing the reverse crunch is will bring about excellent results your obliques. It helps in toning the lower region of the abs quite satisfactorily. Though there are various ways to do the reverse crunches, keeping an exercise ball under the knees is considered the best reverse crunch exercise. However, ensure that you tighten your abs and employ them to raise your hips off the ground. It's quite a small movement and you are not supposed to swing or use momentum.
Ab Slide

This particular workout tests the abs in a number of ways. But Ab Slide is a complex exercise and so it is important that one pays close attention to one’s back while doing it. The activity includes rolling or sliding the hands outwards, using one’s abs and back to maintain a straight body and after this, constricting them to pull back inwards. You can employ a Torso Track or Ab Wheel for this exercise movement.

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