This article is for all those who often wonder ‘what does my dream mean’. Here, we tell you about the common dreams seen by people, their analysis and interpretation.

Meaning of Dreams

Dreams! All of us have dreams when we sleep, though the frequency of dreams differs from person to person. Some people get dreams on a daily basis, while there are others who dream once in while, say once in a month. However, almost all of us have a desire to know what our dreams mean. Infact, it is human tendency to explore the unknown, to know why certain things occur. The most logical explanation behind the occurrence of dreams is that they reflect our psychological state of mind.
What we see in dreams is usually there in our mind already, though at a subconscious level. Dreams help in bringing the particular issue to the fore, so that we act upon it. At times, dreams also give us a direction as to how we should go about solving the problems that are hounding us constantly. In case you are one of those who always think what does my dream mean, you have come to the right article. Here, we will tell you all about the common dreams, their meaning, analysis and interpretation.
The animals we see in our dreams usually represent our own self, with both the good as well as the bad traits. Whenever we see an animal indulging in a particular activity, more often than not, it represents our own bad traits. This is because we find it easy to see an animal doing something disgusting than admitting that we are the ones who have done it. Thus, seeing animals doing something in your dreams means, you have done something wrong, but are not ready to accept the same.
Automobiles or Vehicles
Dreaming of vehicles basically reflects two things about a person - the direction his life is taking and his body. The condition of the vehicle that you are driving in the dream is especially symbolic of your health. If you see yourself driving an old, worn down scooter, the news is not good. However, if by any chance, you are driving a brand new Mercedes in a dream, while whistling away, it surely indicates good news and happy conditions!
To most of us, children represent innocence, joy, happiness and a change. Seeing a child in your dreams may be indicative of a new phase in your life, probably one with lots of happiness. However, one also needs to take into context the behavior of the child, especially towards the person who is dreaming. A child may also symbolize the deep-rooted traits of an individual - like innocence, immaturity, etc. It all depends upon the theme and emotions that come across in the dream.
Clothes that we see in a dream usually represent our mood, state of mind, or attitude, in the present. Clothes of somber colors might represent tension or a general dullness. Bright colors usually signify optimism, hope, happiness, etc. Apart from the colors, one also needs to keep in mind the condition in which the clothes are seen. At the same time, also take note of the clothes worn by the other people. Only after seeing the whole dream in totality will you be able to interpret the correct meaning of the dream.
Death, in any form, represents change. Whether you see a person dying or you see a dead person’s funeral, it means that some major change is going to occur in your life. However, the change may be emotional or physical. It might also symbolize your attitude towards life, i.e., you are now ready to face your fears and win over them. At times, death might also symbolize threats to a person, though it is very rare. It is better to analyze the dream in its entirety and then try to interpret its hidden meaning.
Seeing a building in a dream usually points towards a particular area in your life. For example, if you dream about an office, factory or any other place of work, it usually refers to your own working environment. A bathroom is usually associated with health and hygiene, while kitchen represents your eating habits, nutrition, etc. However, dreaming of the place where you spent your childhood usually tells you about the situations in your present/today or near future. Thus, you should try to interpret how a particular place affects you.
If you see people in your dreams, they usually represent your own self (except in cases of prophetic dreams). The things that you see people doing are either the positive traits that you should adopt or the negative traits that you should give up. Since the person seen in the dreams most probably reflect your own personality, it is advisable to analyze the dream in detail.
Being Chased

If you see yourself running and being chased, it usually points to the things that you are running from in your real life. It might refer to a situation that you are trying to run away from, knowing that you will not be able to win over it. Being chased might also mean that you have some hidden insecurities that you are not ready to accept. Last but not the least; it might indicate some guilt that you are not able to get over.

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