Interpreting your dreams is an efficient way to know your real self and virtual desires. Go through this guide, to more on how to interpret dreams, by following a simple method.

How To Interpret Dreams

Dreams are a subconscious reflection of what the minds thinks and the heart feels. So, dreams can be tagged as our personal psychiatrist, who knows us better than even our real self!! Interpreting the meaning of dreams is a long drawn theory. Though most of us claim to have seen a beautiful dream or a weird one, not many of us care to find out the real meaning of it. Believe it or not, dreams are the insight and analysis of our self. If interpreted wisely, they can be used to enhance our life and personal relationships. Dreams can be defined as representation of symbols and subtle imagery. Things that happen in real life pile up in our mind and form a definite meaning. For instance, if you burn your hand, fire is automatically associated with pain and danger. This emotion creates a pattern of behavior, which works its way in the dreams as well. Are you now wondering how to interpret your dreams? Though there is no specific way to discover the meaning of the dreams, you can do the same by following a simple technique. Given below is a guide to help you in interpreting your dreams.
Interpreting Your Dreams
Penning Details
For interpreting the dreams, you first need to pen down the details of what you saw. In this context, the best bet comprise of maintaining a journal of your dreams. Write down all the details of the dream, right from the most obscured ones to the most obvious ones, therein. No fabrications are allowed in the journal. The best bet would be to write the dream as soon as you wake up. This is because at that time, the dream is all fresh and you remember most of the details. Over the day, with the routine work to be done, you are sure to miss out on much information that you remembered right after waking up.
At the time of writing your dream, do not miss out on the feelings that you experienced. Were you scared? Did it pass a shiver down your spine? Were you sweating? Did you feel all happy and excited? These feelings will form the base, when it comes to understanding the meaning of your dreams. Interpreting the dream, while knowing how you felt at the time, would be highly beneficial and also help you understand yourself better.
Dreams revolve around objects. These objects can be in the form of huts, cities, flowers, animals, food, lights, airplane, cars, and so on. Each of these objects represents something in your actual life. Try to relate each of the objects seen in a dream with something. Remember, no two people can have the same interpretation of an object. Each of the objects has a personal meaning attached in your life. While flowers may mean happiness and joy for you, they could mean a source of income for the other. Interpret each of the objects in your dream.  
Once you have figured out the meaning of each of the objects in your dream, it is time to rewrite the dream with your interpretation. Keeping in mind the emotions you felt while dreaming, work your way and interpret it. For instance, you saw yourself flying in the air like a bird, with complete ease and control. This means that you were in power and full control. Check if you are feeling the same in reality. If you are in full control of your life and things are happening as you wished, you would realize that the dream made sense. However, if you saw yourself flying with trees, power lines and gravity obstructing your flight, check if this holds any relation with your real life.

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