The right cardio exercises and weight training activities can make your butts firm and toned. Find out more about butt toning exercises.

Butt Exercises

Everybody wants to look good and smart. A toned and well-shaped body attracts the attention of most of us. Each and every part of the body is equally creditable, when it comes to shape and figure. And it is also true that each person has his/ her own problem area where fat accumulates, making the person appear out of shape. Nearly all women say that butt is their problem area. Before concluding anything, it is always good to study the nature of the problem. Moving on the track, the human butt comprises skin, muscle and fat. It is boneless and that’s why butt’s shape depends on these three factors.
Women generally have more fat and skin, and less muscle while men have more muscle, and less fat and skin. Essentially, muscle gives shape to the butt, fat provides constituency whereas skin acts like a cover to everything. If any of the factors goes wrong, then it is for sure that you have unproportioned butt. Butt plays an important role in making your body look attractive. You can make a difference to your rear by doing right cardio exercise and weight training activities. Find out the best butt toning exercise that suits you the most from the given exercises.
Certainly the best exercise for hips, butt and thighs; Squats are of different types. To do chair squat, you have to stand on feet at a distance of hip-width and squat. While doing it, keep your back straight, abs in and knees at the back your toes. Allow your butt slightly touch the chair and press butt to stand up.
It’s a demanding exercise since it works on many muscles all together. You’ll work the glutes and hamstrings on the front leg, whereas on the back leg, the quads and calves get the focus. The variety of lunges ranges from Side to Side Lunges, Reverse lunges, Front lunges, Walking lunges to Wheel lunges (front, side, reverse). In this, a step or platform can be used to raise the back foot to test both legs.
Step Ups
For doing step ups, just place one foot on a step or platform and push the step by using heels. It is really good for the glutes, on condition that you are using a step which is high enough to bend your knee at 90 degrees or less to be on a safer side. Focus all your weight on the stepping leg for better workout. Or lower down, hardly touching the toes of the other leg to the floor.
Hip Extensions
The above-mentioned exercises work on muscle groups, whereas hip extension focuses the largest muscle in the body - the gluteus maximus. To do this, hold a dumbbell behind the knee. You can also employ ankle weights for more intensity. Another way to do hip-extension could be to lie, while hips and torso to be supported by a ball, hands on the floor and knees bent. Further, press the glutes to make the feet straight facing the ceiling.
One-Legged Deadlifts
Deadlifts make a great exercise for hamstrings, butt and lower back. However, it is not recommended for people having any back problems. For doing deadlift, slightly take the left leg in the backside and rest on the toe. Keep the weights in front of the thighs and reduce them according to your flexibility. Keep your back flat or in your natural posture to ensure your abs are constricted. To raise your back up, compress the glutes of the working leg.
Hiking requires a lot of energy because you are going up the mountains. And the best part is you’ll be burning heaps of calories. Actually walking up a slant mechanically involves your glutes and in case, you are wearing a backpack then it would be a great workout. Approximately 390 calories get burnt in an hour by a 140-lb person.
For heart and muscles in thighs and butts, Biking is a great exercise. You can ride a stationary as well as a moving bike. It really works well for glutes. In 45 minutes, a 140-lb person burns about 335 calories by riding a bike.
Running is the best exercise that is easily accessible to everyone. It helps to reduce stress, weight loss, while making you feel active and good. Besides, it is a great workout for butts; particularly when you’re running through hills. Jogging is another option for people, who want to burn extra calories. A 140-lb person can get rid of approximately 475 calories in 45 minutes by running.
Kickboxing is another yet great workout for thighs and butts. Controlled kicks toil thighs and butt, although incorporation of punches target the abs to make them stronger. A kickboxing session of 45 minutes can burn around 500 calories of a 140-lb person.

Walking is the easiest option that can be done anytime and anywhere, without requiring any special equipment. You can incorporate this exercise throughout the day. Walking up the hills can really work the glutes and, in case you are in haste, it’s for sure you’ll rid of some extra flab. An hour devoted to brisk walking burns approximately 300 calories.

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