Learn various hip exercises here. The strengthening hip and hip toning exercises given here will help consolidate and shape the hip.

Hip Exercises

These hip exercises will help you to get your lower abdomen well in shape. The exercises would strengthen the mobility of the hips, strengthen hip muscles, and lessen the fat on hip joint.
Bending the Hip
Place a mat on the ground. Lie down on your back with knees bent. Straighten your legs one by one. After a couple of minutes, come to another step in your exercise. Tighten the muscle on the top of the leg you have straightened. Try to straighten the knee as much as possible. Now, keeping the knee straight, lift your leg one to two feet. In the meantime be careful not to bend your back. Repeat the procedure with both the legs. The exercise strengthens the muscles which bend the hip.
Strengthening Backward Mobility
You have to move the leg up and back, with knee straight. For support, hold on any hard object. While the exercise, do not bend your back. The exercise is useful in increasing the backward mobility of the hip.
Strengthening Hip Muscles
Stand straight with your legs spaced. Keep the abdominal muscles tight, knees bent and chest up. Push your hips back as if you are sitting in a chair. Squat directly down in control. Stop yourself wherever your feel uncomfortable and reverse the procedure. The exercise would strengthen the muscles of your hip.
Consolidating Hip Muscles
You have to use a leg press machine in this exercise. Sit on the machine with your back flush against the back pad. Keep your knees a bit bent, chest up and abdominal muscles tight. Lower your body weight while keeping the hips back. Try splitting the weight between your hip joints and knee joints. Do it as long as you are comfortable and then reverse the exercise process.
Toning the Hip
You have to do this exercise on smooth floor. Stand with feet distanced apart to hip width. Keep one of your feet on a paper plate. Skid the leg, which is on the paper plate, away sidewise. Keep torso and abs upright during the process. Bend the other knee when necessary. Hold it there for a few seconds and backset the process. Repeat the procedure for the other foot too.
Reducing Fat on Hip

Stand with your feet stretched apart to hip width. Squat yourselves till hips are in the lowest possible position. Hold for a second and then leap up swiftly. Repeat the exercise eight to ten times. Avoid hard floor during the exercise for it could cause injury.

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