Do you know that there are a number of foods that can cause depression in a person? Read on and get a list foods causing depression.

Foods That Cause Depression

Till now, we believed psychological disturbances to be the main reason behind depression. At the same time, food items, at least some of them, were considered to be one of the tools that help fight depression. However, it is now being noticed that certain types of food, if consumed in excess, can create the feeling of depression in an individual. The reason for this is the fact that certain type of foods are low in cholesterol, sugars and fat, at the same time being high in protein. This combination leads to low production of serotonin, ‘the happy-maker' neurotransmitter, and in turn, makes you feel depressed. In the following lines, we have provided a list of foods responsible for causing depression. Try to consume these food items in moderation and compensate the loss with other foods.
Foods That Cause Depression
Alcohol is not only injurious to the liver, but also to the overall health. It triggers depression too. Therefore, consumption of alcoholic drinks is strictly not recommended for those who are the victim of depression and related disorders.
Stimulants might give you instant energy, but beware; they may any time become a root cause for the condition of depression. High-caffeine intake triggers anxiety, depression and insomnia too. Therefore, tea and coffee should be had in moderation, if you want to stay away from depression.
Processed Foods
Processed foods are a strict no-no, if you are suffering from anxiety related disorders and sleeplessness, because such foods might trigger depression. Heavily processed foods are laden with sodium, which adds to depression. Therefore, fast food, canned food and pre-packaged dehydrated food should not be consumed. Stay away from white bread, pasta (made with eggs), white rice, and other similar foods.
Foods Blocking Serotonin & Selenium
Low levels of serotonin can lead to a chemical imbalance in the brain, thereby causing depression. And if you are already suffering from bouts of depression, then it is recommended that you prevent consuming foods that are likely to block serotonin levels. Unhappy feelings are also caused due to the low level of selenium, lack of folic acid being a major factor for depression.  
Junk Food
Researches indicate that consumption of junk food is more likely to cause depression compared to people who eat healthy foods. Sweetened desserts, chocolates, fried food, processed meat, refined grains, high-fat dairy products, and condiments are some foods that trigger depression, when consumed for prolonged periods.
Modern Foods
Diet of a person is known to show a strong association with depression. What people preferred to eat some fifty years back, have now been replaced with an altogether different list of food items. While the diet of people in old days included natural sources of omega-3, the present generation has replaced them with foods containing high levels of omega-6. That, however, doesn’t by any way means to cut short on omega-6 food in the diet. It, instead, means that a reduction in the consumption of omega-3 foods is another cause for increased levels of depression.
To prevent yourself from getting depressed and tensed too often, keep away from these foods and switch to healthy eating for a happier life.

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