Would you like to have that perfect body that supermodels flaunt? If yes, then it’s time you explored exercises to tone up the female body. Read on to know about body toning exercises for women.

Body Toning Exercises For Women

Lovely slender legs, a tight abdomen, a firm chest, strong shoulders and an over-all chiseled body - these are trademarks of supermodels, who seem to have every asset in place. However, a perfectly toned body is something that every woman would want to have. The bad part is that, quite often, getting flabby is easier than toning down. If you want to look and feel great, there is no shortcut to success. Toning your body is a goal that takes time, effort and consistency. If you would like to get that body that people rave about, read on further. We have listed some of the best body toning exercises for women.
Exercises To Tone Up The Female Body
Outer Thigh
For women, getting rid of the saddlebags and keeping thighs in shape can be a tough task. Try outer thigh lifts for the purpose. It involves moving the leg away from the midline of the body. Its goal is to strengthen the hip and outer thigh.
  • Stretch out on your right side, with your right arm extended out straight and your head resting on your arm. Place your left arm in front of your chest for support.
  • Keep your hips aligned.
  • Lift your left leg. Do not lift it any higher than your hip.
  • Keep your pelvis in a steady position and rotate the leg so that your knee faces the ceiling.
  • Return your leg to the parallel position.
  • Repeat this 10 times, on both the sides.
Inner Thigh
Toning your inner thighs is an absolute must if you desire to flaunt great legs. It can help you reduce flabby looking thighs.
  • Lie down on your left side, with your head resting on a cushion, to retain proper alignment of your head, shoulders, and hips.
  • Bend your right leg and rest it on the floor, in front of you, while stretching your left leg straight.
  • Gradually raise your left leg. Hold this position for a moment and then slowly lower it. Lift it back again before touching the surface.
  • Repeat this ten times on both the sides.
  • Complete 2 sets of 10 lifts with each leg.
Abdominal toning exercises are the perfect solution to flat abs and slimmer tummies.
  • Lie down flat on your back, with your knees bent and hands across the chest.
  • Slowly lift yourself up using your abs, while pressing your lower back to the floor. 
  • As you reach the top of the crunch, slowly exhale. Now, gradually lower your back down to the flow as you inhale.
  • Repeat this process 20 to 25 times and rest for about 90 seconds.
Hamstrings & Butt
The stability ball hamstring bridge is one of the best hamstring and butt exercises.
  • Lie down on the floor, with your knees bent.
  • Position your feet in such a way that they rest on top of the ball.
  • Lift each vertebra from the floor, until you are in a bridge position.
  • Maintaining the position, slowly bend and relax your legs.
  • Slowly roll back down to the floor, to avoid cramps.
Upper Body
Although some women neglect upper body exercise, this is not advisable. The triceps, which are located at the back of the arm, have the tendency to get flabby, if not worked out.
  • Sit at the edge of a bench and align your hands, so that your fingers are facing directly ahead.
  • Bend your elbows, lower your hips towards the floor and slowly straighten your arms.
  • Repeat this 10 times.

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