In order to get flat, toned stomach, you don’t need to splurge money in the gym. Read on to know how few simple exercises can help to tone your stomach.

How To Tone Your Stomach

Don’t you think your stomach is most prone to accumulation of adipose? No sooner than your diet chart falls loose, you indulge in the sinful fatty and oily food and miss out on your exercise that the love handles begin to show. Although all of us would love to have a washboard flat, toned stomach, it is difficult to abide by the dieting rules every time. However, few simple exercises can help you reduce your stomach and make it toned. Though it wouldn’t be practical to think of getting effective results within a week, these exercises, when executed diligently every day, can reduce your stomach fat in a month or so. At the end when you gaze into the mirror, it would sure be a fulfilling experience. This article will brief you with a number of exercises, which would surely help you to tone your stomach.
Exercises For Toning Your Stomach
Side Bends
  • Stand straight maintaining a width of a shoulder between both legs.
  • Now, put your left hand behind your head. 
  • Your right hand should be placed on the right thigh.
  • Now, bend your pectoral region or torso to the right side and slowly slide your right hand down the thigh. Keep sliding up to the extent you feel comfortable.
  • Remain in this position for a few seconds and feel the stretch. Then slowly return back to the original position.
  • It is advisable to perform 3 sets of 20 of these steps.
  • Now, perform this exercise in the reverse direction, keeping the left hand on the left thigh and right behind the head.
Side Bridge
  • Lie down on the floor or mattress on one particular side and keep both the legs straight.
  • Now, keep your forearms close to the floor and lift your body up at a certain angle to the floor. The legs should be kept straight even while lifting.
  • Tighten your stomach and remain in that position for at least 30-60 seconds or even more if you are comfortable enough in that posture. Tighten your stomach.
  • Then slowly, lower down your body and retain the initial position. Relax for a second and switch over to the other side and repeat the step.
Front Bridge
  • Lie down on the floor or a mattress on your stomach and prepare yourself for a position you would be in case of doing a push-up.
  • Now, in case of push-ups, wherein you hold yourself with your arms, for front bridge, you need to hold yourself up with the forearms. This would keep your elbows at an angle of 90 degrees or so. 
  • Now tighten your stomach and be in that position for about 30-60 seconds or more as per your comfort level.
  • If this exercise is performed every single day for about a month, you would soon flaunt toned abs and stomach.
Double Straight Legged Stretch
  • First of all, lie down on the floor or a mattress and keep your back straight and firm. Keep your legs straight too.
  • Now place your hands behind your head and slowly lift your head just like you would do in case of a basic crunch.
  • Then, bend both the legs and lift them off the floor, maintaining an angle of 11 o’clock. Even your head and neck should be off the floor.
  • Join both your legs together. Keeping them straight, bring them down to the original position.
  • After you do this, raise the legs back again just the way you did in the third step.
  • Repeat the same step for ten times and feel the crunch in your lower abdominal muscles.
  • Only after a few repetitions you would feel the crunch. Once you get comfortable with the exercise, increase your count for effective results.

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