Are you tired of your bulging belly and think it is high time to do something about it? Exercising is the best way to reduce the protruding stomach. Read on to know best stomach reducing exercises.

Exercises To Reduce Stomach

Do you keep fretting about the thick adipose tissue layer that crowds your belly region? Several health studies reveal the fact that the fat content stored around the stomach and abdomen region is of great risk to your well-being, since it poses several health risks such as high blood pressure as well as high cholesterol level. It even leads to rising blood sugar level and a disorder called insulin resistance syndrome. Additional weight makes the heart susceptible to several diseases as well. So, it is quite essential to reduce your stomach fat. Whereas women have a tendency to store fat around the pelvic region and attain a pear shape, fat content in men gets stored around the middle lending an apple like look. Shedding those extra kilos from the mid-section of the body can be possible by following a following a healthy weight loss diet. However, a healthy diet alone will do little to help you get rid of the excess body mass. You need to execute few fitness exercises, along with proper diet to reduce the fat content in the stomach region. This article suggests you a bunch of exercises which can aid in doing the same.
Best Exercises For Reducing Stomach
Abdominal Crunches
This exercise focuses on your stomach fat directly. It helps to shape and care your stomach and abdominal muscles, so that you can ultimately achieve a washboard belly that you always eyed for. To execute abdominal crunches, you first need to lie down on your back, fold your legs at your knees and let the feet touch the floor. Now, keeping your hands behind the head, slowly lift your back. Feel the crunch in your stomach. This is the simplest form of abdominal crunch exercise. If you manage doing around 50 crunches a day, your dream of getting a flat stomach cannot stay far.
Bicycle Maneuver
Research studies show that this exercise can trigger a lot of activity in your stomach muscles and hence help reduce fat content effectively. To perform this exercise, you need to lie down straight on the ground first. Keep your lower back firmly pressed to the ground. Now, fold your knees at an angle of 45 degrees. Keeping your hands intact behind your head, start pedaling, just like you would do while riding a bicycle. Along with this, try touching your elbow with the opposite knee and keep alternating the sequence. Relax after performing few sets. Do not over exert yourself.
Chair Leg Lifts
This exercise can be performed even while you are sitting in your office. First of all, maintain an upright posture by keeping your back flat against the back of your chair. Now, either place your hands firmly on the desk in front of you or hold the handle of your chair. Slowly lift your knees and bring them up to your chest and remain in that position for around 5 seconds. Then, return back to the initial position and rest your feet on the floor. Exhale while lifting your legs up and inhale when you lower them. At first, you will be able to manage few sets of this exercise, but with time when your abs get stronger, your counts would increase.  
Pelvic Thrusts
Following this exercise regularly, you can achieve a flat belly with ease. First lie down straight with your back firmly pressed against the ground. Keeping your arms straight beside you, slowly raise and tilt your pelvis and exhale air. While you tilt your pelvis, remember to keep your lower back on the floor. Remain in this position for around 5 seconds and inhale, while you relax your buttocks on the floor. One single set comprises of 10-15 times of this exercise, taking a break of approximately 90 seconds. Performing a total of 4 sets is enough for a day.
Cardiovascular exercises stimulate the body to burn extra fat around the stomach region and hence do not directly target the abdominal muscles like crunches. Running is the primary form of cardio exercise and is considered truly effective to reduce stomach fat. It is actually an exercise for your entire body and besides toning down your body into the perfect shape; it helps in improving the blood circulation level. It has been observed that if you run for 30 seconds with maximum intensity, followed by 1 minute of moderate intensity, your metabolic rate gets a boost to a great extent. Moreover, remember that running is a high calorie burning exercise and so you must eat healthy. Or else this form of exercise would do you more harm than good.
Swimming is another form of cardio exercise which aims at reducing the entire body’s fat content, instead of focusing on your belly exclusively. You can opt for any style and reduce the accumulated fats. It is a very high-calorie burning form of exercise and needs to be coupled with the right diet. Apart from that, swimming is a great way to beat the heat. So, just put on the swim wear and head straight to the pool!

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