Getting a flat stomach is no easy task, but then if you really want something, you have got to go all out! Read your way for effective exercises that can help you get a flat stomach!

Exercises For Flat Stomach

Almost everyone who does not have a flat stomach craves to get one. If you don’t want to believe this fact you can simply walk up to a pot bellied stranger and ask him if he would rather live with his fat belly or a flat stomach. If the stranger is not caught off his guard with your question and is polite enough, he might just say yes, he’d rather die with a flat stomach than live with a pot belly. However, in spite of flat stomachs ranking so high on popularity, it really is almost impossible to find a sizeable number of people who have made the journey from fat to fab! Journeys like this mostly fail because people when on their way to achieving a flat stomach, hang the gloves and simply give up. Giving up really amounts to nothing, for in order to achieve a flat stomach, all you really need is a mind that’s made up to not give up! Go ahead and read on to gain access to exercises that can help you get a flat stomach. The success of these exercises however will depend directly on your resolve to make them succeed!

Workouts For A Flat Stomach

Although, cardio exercises do not fall under the conventional category of exercises that can help you get a flat stomach, they sure can help you inch that much closer to getting a flat stomach. If you just do a thousand crunches every day and refuse to indulge in cardiovascular exercises, you are just not going to get anywhere close to a flat stomach. Cardiovascular exercises can include running on the treadmill or just running, skipping, walking, jogging, running up a flight of stairs, etc. Cardiovascular exercises can also include playing a hearty game of football or basketball. Basically, any form of exercise that sees you sweating and breathing heavy like you have never before can be branded as cardiovascular exercises.

Now that the cardio part is done with, it’s time to focus on specific exercises that can help you inch closer to a flat stomach. You can begin by performing the basic crunch. For this you will have to lie on a mat first, alternately you can also simply lie on the floor. Place your arms on your chest, bend your knees and raise your shoulders towards your knees. While doing this, you will have to use only your abdominal muscles. Care should also be taken to not lift your entire back off of the floor. If you lift your entire back off of the floor, you mostly will be performing a variant of the sit up and not a crunch!

Sit Ups
There really is just one small difference between a sit up and a crunch. A crunch is something you do with your entire back not completely off of the floor and a sit up is something that you do with your entire. A sit up however is slightly different. For that perfect sit up, lie down on the floor with your knees up and your hands crossed on your chest and move your shoulder blades towards your knees. Care should be taken to raise your entire back off of the floor and to also keep it straight while performing the sit up. To increase the challenge posed by a sit up, you can also do sit ups with weights. For this, you will simply have to hold a weight of your choice against your chest when performing the sit up. Once you become a pro at performing sit ups on the floor and with weights, you can up the challenge by performing sit ups on an inclined bench.

Leg Lifts
For a perfect leg lift, you will have to begin by lying on the floor or on a mat and lift your legs straight up and in a single motion. You should take precautions to ensure that your knees are not bent when performing the leg lift. The correct way to do it is to raise your legs without bending your knees and stop once your legs are perpendicular to your body. If you are looking for a variation with the leg lift, you can do so by simply raising your knees to your chest. For that extra challenge or to make the leg lift that much more difficult, you can hang on a pull up bar and raise your legs as high as you can, without bending your knees of course.

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