Don’t you wish to flaunt a well-shaped stomach? All that you require to do to achieve it, is to religiously practice few stomach workout exercises. Read on to know how to get a perfectly shaped belly.

Stomach Workouts

Most of us believe that a stomach workout is merely to make our stomach washboard flat. Though true to some extent; besides shedding the excess fat, stomach workouts help in toning the stomach as well. While many people manage to get rid of their flab by undergoing one of those severe calorie-restriction diets, what they fail to understand is that their body becomes weak and undernourished due to such stringent measures, adopted during the process, thereby causing unnecessary health problems. Did you know that by performing few simple exercises daily, you can do the trick of losing those excess flab without hampering your body’s metabolism as well? This article provides you with a few stomach workouts, which when executed thoroughly, can be of great help.
Stomach Workout Exercises
Toning Your Torso
For executing this exercise, you need to rest on your hands and knees. Pull back your stomach towards the spine and extend the left arm in front of you. While your left arm is stretched out, the right leg should be stretched at the back. Once this is done, return to the initial position. Now stretch out your right arm and extend your left leg behind. Now, repeat this exercise for a while till it tires you out. While performing this exercise, remember not to let your pelvis sway.
Butt Burner
First of all, lie down on your back and use either a towel or mat to support your spine. Now, bend both your knees and let your feet fall flat on the floor. Keep your arms straight by your side and squeeze your butt, while lifting your pelvis in the air. The pelvis should be at an angle of 45 degrees to the floor. Now, maintain this position for about five seconds or more according to your comfort level. Slowly lower the pelvis and retain back the initial position. Hold this position for about five seconds. Now, slowly lower yourself back to the floor. Repeat this exercise for at least 20 times initially and then go on to increase the count once you are truly comfortable with it.
Crunch-Less Crunch
This exercise is all about using your lower abdominal muscles to push your navel towards the spine. Whether you want to lie down resting on your stomach or kneel is completely to your discretion. To perform this exercise, first let your body relax and push your belly button inwards towards your spine, with the help of the lower abdominal muscles. Stay in this position for the next ten seconds or even longer. Repeat this exercise between adequate intervals for effective results.
Scissor Kicks
Lie down on the floor and keep your back firm and straight. Place your hands under the pelvis. Raise either of your leg slowly, at an angle of 10 degrees to the floor. Now, lower it down to the initial position. While you are lowering the leg, raise the other leg at the same angle. Keep on doing this at a rhythmic pace. To maintain a momentum is necessary for this form of exercise. Also, see to it that your torso stays on the floor all through. 
Bicycle Exercise
Lie down on the floor keeping your back straight and your hands at the back. Bend your knees and pull them towards your chest. While doing this, lift your shoulder blades into the air. Now, straighten the left leg maintaining an angle of 45 degree to the ground. Simultaneously, turn your torso to the right and bring the left elbow towards the right knee. Now, go on to switch sides and bring your right elbow towards the left knee. Keep on alternating the sides, just like you do while pedaling, for around 15-30 times. Relax for several minutes and then begin with another set. Try performing 3-4 sets for effective results.

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