Teeth whitening has long been in practice. It adds to your charisma and confidence, but at what cost? Go through this article to understand the pros and cons of common teeth whitening procedures.

Pros And Cons Of Common Teeth Whitening Procedures

People are always attracted to beautiful smiles. Be it a man or woman, if he/she possesses a killer smile then you have no escape. However, a beautiful smile is not well passed unless your teeth are shining white. Some of the factors that lead to discoloration and yellowish marks on the teeth are improper eating habits, food colors, chemicals in food and dental products, chewing tobacco and smoking. Yellow marks no matter how dirty and awful they look remain there unless treated. A common scenario is when people resort to teeth whitening rather than changing their lifestyles. Costly procedure as it is, teeth whitening still remains as one of the most popular methods for flaunting white teeth. Teeth-whitening provides a gleaming, bright-white smile, but its side effects should be taken into consideration when deciding whether to use it. Scroll down to get acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages of teeth whitening procedures.
Advantages Of Common Teeth Whitening Procedures
Improves Your Appearance
The basic reason for anyone to undergo teeth whitening is always the glow it adds to the smile and the appearance as a whole. The smile looks wonderfully radiant and white teeth always portray you in a fresh and neat image.
No Repetitions Needed
In-house teeth-whitening procedures are those which are done by the dentist for you at his clinic. The advantage is that repeated procedures may not be needed for a long time, as in-house treatments last longer and the effects are more pronounced.
Very Quick
Procedures like laser bleaching saves time dramatically. The procedure is very fast and especially suitable for busy folks, who want to flaunt white teeth but have no time to invest in lengthy procedures.
Custom Made Options
A couple of visits to the cosmetic dentist can help you to get custom-made dental trays which are suited for your teeth. The best aspect about these is that they work wonders even in privacy of your home. All that you need to do is wear them for some prescribed amount of time every day to obtain the intended results.
No Loss Of Mobility
For those of you who cannot be found at home for long times or return home only to sleep, there are options which do not hamper your movements. Special strips with whitening gel on them are available over-the-counter. You can wear these strips and move about without worrying about being late or missing something important.
Disadvantages Of Common Teeth Whitening Procedures
Cost Factor
Dental services are one of the costliest services in medical field. As such, it is natural that you would have to pay exorbitant price for the same. The teeth whitening procedures that are done in the clinic are costly. Special procedures like bleaching using lasers are even more costly.
Embarrassing Results
The change might be too drastic, uneven or just simply bad. This can cause embarrassing situations. Sometimes the teeth might end up being so white that it can be a total turn off or misnomer for your being.
Customs May Not Fit
In some custom-made method, the custom fits may not be correct and you may have to visit the cosmetologists a few times.
Strips Are Inefficient
Dental strips are not 100% successful. They are unable to cover all areas and sometimes leave some spots. Also, the change is very less and not too many shades of whitening can be achieved.
Allergic People Should Avoid
People allergic to peroxide (the bleaching product used for teeth whitening) should avoid teeth procedure.
Tooth Damage
People with receding gums, sensitive teeth or sensitive gums should be careful in trying the methods. Moreover, tooth enamel can be damaged due to teeth-whitening procedures.

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