In case you want to get rid of those yellow stained teeth, natural whiteners are the best way to do so. Given below is some vital information about natural teeth whitening products.

Natural Teeth Whiteners

Remember in ‘FRIENDS’ how Ross, overuse the teeth whitening product to impress his date and makes a fool of himself. Well none of us would like to have whiter than white teeth like Ross in that episode, almost every one of us wants white teeth. A dazzling white smile is a sure shot way of winning hearts. For this reason, it is one of the prized possessions for a number of people. On the other hand, with the modern lifestyle leading to lopsided food habits and routines, it has become difficult to maintain that sheen. There are a number of food items and drinks, which lead to the paleness of the teeth, such as soft drinks or carbonated drinks, tea, coffee, cigarette, etc. Excessive consumption of all these products leads to the yellow coloring of the teeth over a considerable period of time. However, the whiteness of your teeth can be restored with the help of natural teeth whiteners and a little effort. To find out about natural teeth whitening products, scroll down.
Natural Teeth Whitening Products 
  • Charcoal ashes are an affordable and easily available product, which can be used to whiten teeth. You can mix charcoal ashes with your toothpaste or use it separately, working gently over your teeth.
  • The bark of the walnut tree is also supposed to contain teeth whitening properties. Gently rub the bark over your teeth to remove stains.
  • Eating apple after meal can also prove to be helpful in getting rid of yellow teeth.
  • Celery and carrots are also considered to remove stains from teeth. Eat crunchy vegetables like broccoli, cucumbers etc also helps in keeping the teeth white.
  • For dazzling white teeth, rub them with the inner part of the orange peel.
  • Strawberries are also natural teeth whiteners, which can be rubbed over teeth to remove stains. However, make sure you brush your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste right after this, as the sugar and acid in the same, may decline the effect.
  • Gargling teeth with a mixture of water and rock salts can also prove to be helpful.
  • Gargling with peroxide also helps in keeping teeth sparkling. All you have to do is to swish peroxide after you have brushed your teeth and your teeth would be whiter. Make sure you don’t swallow the peroxide while you are swishing.
  • If you want an instant method to whiten your teeth, nothing can beat the mixture of baking soda and salt. Take a little bit of baking soda and mix it with salt and brush with the mixture. This mixture not only whitens your teeth but also kills germs.
  • Lemon juice also helps in keeping the teeth white. Brush with juice of a lemon or if it too citrus for you, rub the peel of a lemon over your teeth and see your teeth sparkling. You could also mix lemon juice with salt and brush with the mixture. It will give you sparkling teeth.
  • Wood ash is also considered good for making the teeth white. Brush with wood ash regularly and your teeth will become whiter.
  • Drink loads of water and have a balanced diet with green vegetables.
  • You could also use apple cider vinegar for brushing. Persistent use will give you whiter teeth.
  • Mixture of a little bi-carbonate and soda will give you whiter teeth. Also with that, use a soft bristled toothbrush with good toothpaste. Try to brush after every meal or at least two times a day.

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