Learn about pros & cons of breastfeeding versus bottle feeding.

Breastfeeding Versus Bottle Feeding

Breastfeeding is one of the primary roles that a mother has to play after the birth of her child. In the earlier days, breastfeeding was a norm, but with the passage of time, things have changed. Nowadays, not all women feel comfortable breast feeding their baby. There are a number of reasons behind the same, which have led to the change in the perception of modern day mothers. However, though the custom has changed. most of the women are unaware of the difference between the bottle and the breast feed systems. Blindly aping the trend of society is what they believe in. To help you make a wise choice given below is some beneficial information on breastfeeding versus bottle feeding.
Pros & Cons of Breastfeeding and Bottle Feeding 
  • Breastfeeding provides all the required nutrients to your baby, which cannot be substituted by bottle feeding.
  • Breastfeeding has profound health benefits for your baby, which the bottle milk cannot provide. The anti-infection antibodies that a newborn baby requires are provided by the mother’s milk in ample amounts.
  • Breastfeeding enables the mother to get back in shape sooner, as it drives energy from the body. The pregnancy fat does not wear off easily with bottle feeding.
  • Mother’s milk is more easily digested by the baby, preventing him from constipation and diarrhea, while it’s not the same with bottle feeding.
  • The physical contact between the mother and the child creates a bonding which cannot be attained by bottle feeding.
  • The availability of breast milk is also one of the prime reasons for its preference as it can be fed to the child any time. The same does not hold true for bottle milk.
  • Breast milk is an economical option in comparison to the bottled milk.
  • Bottle feeding provides an opportunity for bonding to both the parents, which is available only for mothers in breastfeeding.
  • With bottle feeding, mothers exercise more freedom with reference to their scheduling, dieting and sexuality.
  • It is easy to resume life after your pregnancy if you bottle feed your child, as he is not attached or dependent on you for feeding. This can be a consideration in case of breastfeeding.
  • In case of some serious medical condition, bottle feeding prevents the harmful bacteria from being transferred to your child. Breastfeeding becomes unsafe as well as tedious in such conditions.
  • The discomfort of attending the child for feeding in public can be done away with bottle feeding.
  • Mothers can get rid of the pain they experience while breastfeeding their baby with the help of bottle feeding.

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