Power walking is not walking too slow nor jogging; it is something in between. If you have always wanted to power walk but never knew how to, then follow these steps to learn how to power walk.

How To Power Walk

Power walking is not exactly running, neither does it mean walking slowly. It is sort of between regular walking and jogging. It is also known as speed walking. However, there is actually an extreme form of power walking which is known as race walking which is a sport involving some rigid rules and regulations and is a timed event.
There is a very fine line between power walking and jogging. Power walkers walk at a speed which is almost near the speed of jogging but not actually jogging. Normal people would break into a jog at these speeds but not power walkers. Learning how to power walk is pretty simple. Using these techniques one can easily learn how to actually walk faster.
Before you go about it however, following things are required:
  • Sturdy walking shoes
  • Comfortable workout clothes 
Shoe selection 
  • Selection of just the correct pair of shoes is very important when it comes to power walking as these will take all your weight. Always choose running shoes rather than walking shoes. This is simply because of the fact that running shoes are actually made for taking the kind of stress that running puts.
  • You also need to bend each shoe separately to locate where it is the most flexible. Those shoes that flex most at the ball of the foot are best suited for the power walkers as these are less likely to cause any kind of damage.
  • The correct size of shoes can make all the difference when it comes to power walking. Always, buy the correct size. Please keep in mind that the feet swells with an exercise like power walking; hence keep that in mind while choosing a shoe.
  • Since power walking requires a very high degree of flexibility, hence choose a shoe which is flat. Make sure that the heel and toe of the shoe remain at the same level. This would minimize the stress on the foot while walking faster.
  • Now, this might not seem to be of that much importance but try and wear synthetic socks while walking or power walking. The researchers at the University of Missouri have found out that synthetic socks are helpful in preventing blisters. Cotton socks, on the other hand are more likely to cause them.
Power walking
The correct posture for power walking is very important as this will help you in your task at hand. Follow these steps to develop the correct posture and then learn how to speed walk. 
  • Stand up on your foot and stand straight; do not bend your back or lean forward. Standing straight will help the muscles to function better and will ultimately result in you walking faster.
  • Always look ahead while walking. Avoid looking downwards; on the contrary always look atleast 20 feet in front of you.
  • Your chin should always be parallel to the ground, neither up or low. This would help tremendously in avoiding neck pain.
  • When you walk, generally the hips rock from side to side. In power walking, you got to avoid this as this kind of motion will ultimately slow you down.
  • While power walking, make sure that you bend your elbows to 90 degrees. Keep them close to your body.
  • Now, while you start walking faster and faster, swing your arms forward but make sure that your hands does not cross your chest.
  • Take smaller steps as you start power walking. Don't overstride, which will ultimately slow you down in the long run.
  • When you roll your foot forward, push off with your toes. This will help in boosting your speed further.
  • Start moving forward with your one foot while your heel should strike the ground first.
  • Bring the other food foot forward just as you push off with the toes of the front foot.

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