Power yoga workout is gaining increasing popularity with the classes as well as the masses. If you want also want to try out power yoga, the tips given in this article will prove useful.

Power Yoga Tips

This is the world of fitness-conscious people! The increasing emphasis on looking good and feeling great is driving an increasing number of people to fitness trains, gymnasiums, swimming pools and yoga instructors. Talking about yoga, a new variation of the discipline has started gaining popularity amongst the masses and it is known as ‘power yoga’. A slightly Americanized form of yoga, it is sharper and more intense than the routine yoga. You will find many celebrities, right from Richard Gere to Kareena Kapoor, swearing by it (another factor that has added to its popularity). If you also want to enjoy the benefits of power yoga fully, keep the following tips in mind.
Power Yoga Workout Tips
  • If you are indulging in the power yoga at home, it is advisable to turn up the heat. Majority of the yoga gurus advise a temperature of around 80 degree F, since it makes the muscles become quite relaxed. At the same time, as you do the asanas at a high temperature, you sweat more and thus, burn more calories.
  • If you have just started with your power yoga sessions i.e. you are a beginner, it is advisable not to increase the heat initially. Rather, get comfortable with asanas, for say about a week, and then try turning the heat up by two degree increments in the following power yoga sessions. Increase the heat till you are up to eighty degrees.
  • Always give your body time to adjust to the power yoga moves. You need to exercise patience and not rush through the asanas, at least in the initial stages. Keep in mind the fact that it will take your body sometime to develop the flexibility that is required to do the asanas with perfection.
  • Always do those asanas that your body can perform with a decent amount of pushing. Never ever try to contort your body into positions that it simply cannot undertake. Don’t try to push it to the limit where you end up having a physical injury and have to give up the yoga altogether, for sometime.
  • The key to achieving perfection, or near perfection, in power yoga is to master your movements and your breathing. Once you have mastered them, doing the asanas will present no problem at all. This holds especially true for the beginners. Remember, patience takes you far, while haste brings only troubles.
  • Before you start on your power yoga sessions, it is advisable to develop a proper sequence, rather than randomly going from one asana to the other. This will not only make your workout structured, but also quite effective. So, always have a ‘game plan’ ready for your power yoga workout.
  • If you are planning to start the power yoga workout soon, it is advisable to take the help of yoga videos and DVDs. There are many good videos available in the market. Take the one that you find the best suited to your needs and start doing power yoga. After you get comfortable with the moves & techniques as well as the breathing, start doing it independently.

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