Yoga stretching techniques are beneficial in not just strengthening your body muscles but also relaxing your mind. Explore the article to find some useful and easy tips for yoga stretching exercises.

Yoga Stretching Techniques

Stretching is known to increase the blood flow to all the parts of our body. It involves lengthening the muscles of the body to increase the range of motion of the joints and also plays a vital role in enhancing the flexibility of the body. One of the other benefits of stretching is to keep you active and feeling energetic throughout the day. Yoga stretching, however, has gained popularity in the recent years, especially in the U.S, apart from India where Yoga originated hundreds of years ago. The article brings you some very useful and easy stretching techniques. Read on to know how to do yoga stretch.
Yoga Stretching Exercises
  • Stand with feet hip width apart and arms at your sides. Raise your arms upwards towards the ceiling and begin to inhale. While you do this, your left and right index fingers should meet briefly side by side. Now, exhale and bring your arms back to their original position. Repeat this technique for about three times.
  • Stand with your feet a little more than hip width apart. Your arms should be at your sides and palms should face your back. Raise your arms above your head and inhale, as if to reach back. Bring you arms down as you exhale and simultaneously, bend at your waist reaching down for your legs as far as you can go. Now, inhale and grab your legs and hold on the position till you complete to count up to ten. Then, come back to the starting point and repeat the exercise for about three times.
  • Sit on a carpeted floor. Straighten out your left leg and bend your right leg positioning the bottom of your foot against the inner portion of your left thigh. Your right knee should be facing the wall on your right side. Place both your arms on your left thigh and start to raise your arms up and towards the back side of your body. Stretch your arms backwards as if reaching for something. Exhale and begin to lower your arms, while bending at your waist and reaching down your left leg. Try to go as far as you can, but not past your limit. Inhale and hold on the breath for 10 seconds. Exhale when you are going back to the starting position. Repeat the exercise for three times changing legs.
  • Lie down on your back and straighten out your legs with your arms reaching past your head as if reaching for the wall facing the top of your head. You can also place a pillow under your head to feel comfortable. Now, exhale and begin to reach towards the wall using your arms. At the same time, using your feet, begin to reach towards the wall facing the bottom of your feet. As you try to go as far as your can, count up to ten. Inhale when you require and relax. Repeat the exercise three times.

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