Swimming at high speed is dream of all the people, who are well-versed with the art of swimming. Go through the article, to know the technique of how to swim freestyle at a faster speed.

How To Swim Freestyle Faster

Right technique, regular training and a strong will is all that is required for increasing your freestyle swimming speed. There are a lot of people who know swimming, but not everyone can achieve the perfect speed. People consult various trainers; take many lessons to improve their speed of freestyle swimming, but all in vain. To swim a faster freestyle, dedication and discipline is the mantra. Your strokes technique, kicking skills and the way you put together all these techniques to swimming patterns should all be perfect. Swimming fast also includes appropriate aerobic conditioning and speed training. Here are a few techniques to help you learn how to swim freestyle at a faster speed.
Technique For Faster Freestyle Swimming 
Kicking Style
While swimming, it is your feet that are doing the paddling. Therefore, it is but essential to carry out this important function properly. A proper paddling technique will definitely help you improve both your freestyle timing and speed, by considerable margin. Try and use your entire leg for kicking. Make sure not to bend your knees, as it may hamper the free movement in water. Remember, it is just the matter of getting used to the right pattern of kicking. Once you get used to the pattern do not break it. A proper kicking pattern will surely increase your freestyle swimming.
Proper Breathing
Breathing is a big hurdle that every beginner faces, as it takes away the speed from their swimming. In freestyle swimming, it is advisable to keep your head under water to achieve faster speed and improve the shape of your body, to give you an enhanced movement. If you can manage your breathing timings properly, then you will quickly learn how to swim freestyle faster. However, this is the area where majority of the swimmers take a long time to master. A useful tip that would help you overcome the breathing problem under water would be to inhale with your mouth and exhale with your nose, taking short powerful breaths every 4-5 seconds.
Arm Pattern
Your arms also play an important role in the act of swimming. It helps you to impel yourself forward. The strokes with your arms should be powerful and long to take you further with each rhythmic movement. Swing your arms completely by keeping them as straight as possible. Equate your arm movement parallel to the paddling legs and make sure to complete the circular movement of your arm under water. Without the proper movement of your arms you will not be able to achieve a smooth streamline movement.
It goes without saying that to master any art you need to train yourself well. Same goes with improving your freestyle swimming. Practice your strokes and routine at least 4 times a week and with each training session try and increase the speed of your swimming. Training yourself regularly will help you increase your lung power and stamina. If you miss your training sessions at any point of time, you will never be able to learn how to swim freestyle faster.
An important consideration for you to keep in mind, in order to learn faster freestyle swimming, is to wear the right swimming gear. The right swimming gear will reduce the resistance considerably and will help you swim faster with same effort. Include speed drills and endurance drills every alternative day in your training session. Also, make sure to eat properly and consume a healthy diet, as you will require a lot of energy to swim freestyle faster.

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