Do you want to know how to run fast in the 800 m? If yes, then check out the tips for running faster in 800m race given in this article.

How To Run Fast In The 800m

Strength, stamina and concentration together make a good runner. The process of increasing the speed for long races involves the use of correct methods to start and to finish. You will have to acquire practice to finish off first in 800m race, as the distance and speed makes it a bit painful to run. Since most of the time you will be running in a pack, you will have to control your pace in such a way that you do not loose speed and much energy to complete the race. With the tips given in the following lines, you will learn how to run faster in the 800 m race.
Tips For Running Faster In 800m Race
Before the race 
  • Interval training is very important for athletes, as this trains them to increase their speed with increasing distance. When you are in the training session, you should learn covering varying distances such as 200m, 400m, 600m and 800m with the same speed.
  • Hit the gym twice a week, when you are preparing yourself for the 800m race. To excel in the sport, you should acquire weight training. Work on the torso and strengthen the core of your body.
  • Yoga is recommended by many professionals nowadays. It is effective in adding flexibility to the muscles, which is very much needed for an 800m runner. Practise yoga thrice a week.
  • The benefits of regular practice cannot be ruled out. To maintain consistency in your performance, you need to practice daily. Run for a specific distance daily - this will help increase your capacity to take on a long race.
  • You should practice running at varying speeds. For instance, a tempo run will help you run longer at a fast pace, whereas an endurance run will train you to run with a slow pace. The third variant is the recovery run, which involves running for a shorter distance as compared to the other two types. 
During The Race 
  • While starting the race, you should accelerate down the straight. Break for the inside lane after you cover the first 100 meters.
  • While entering the inside lane, be careful not to run directly inside it. Start towards the rail by running at a mild angle. This way, you will be able to merge with others without loosing control over your pace.
  • When you reach the 300m limit, stay in the third lane. If you are leading the pack, it is better to stay inside.
  • Monitor the two lead runners throughout the race, carefully.
  • Finish the long race strongly. However, you should make sure that you are using energy according to your stamina. To finish off first, it will be better if you increase your pace in the last 300 meters.

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