The effects of using steroids largely bend towards the negative side. Go through the article, to know about the positive and negative effects of steroids.

The Effects Of Steroids


Steroids comprise of a group of compounds that are associated with the hormones - estrogen, cortisol, progesterone and testosterone. They are available either in the form of a tablet or liquid and can be taken orally as well as through injections. Although athletes claim that steroids give a boost to their performance, their use has been tagged 'illegal', mainly due to their long list of negative effects. The only legal use of steroids is during the treatment of anemia and other ailments. If abused, steroids work in a detrimental way, ruining a person physically, emotionally as well as psychologically. In the following lines, we have provided a list of positive and negative effects of steroids.
Positive & Negative Effects Of Steroids
Positive Effects 
  • Increased Muscle Mass / Weight - Steroids increase nitrogen level in the body, thereby producing proteins that help in the production of muscles.
  • Reduced Body Fat - Steroids speed up the metabolism of the body, which helps in reducing the accumulated fat.
  • Increased Effectiveness Of Training - If you take steroids, the effects of your physical training would be much more prominent.
  • Improved Recovery Rate - Steroids produce cortisol, which helps the body handle stress and also speeds up the recovery time.
  • Euphoria - A person who takes steroids experiences an ecstatic feeling and is often overjoyed. 
  • Increased Sex Drive - People who intake steroids have been noted to experience an increase in their sex drive. 
  • Treatment For Disease - Steroids increase the production of red blood cells in the body, thereby treating blood disorders like anemia. They are also helpful in treating arthritis, asthma, brain injury and some types of cancer.  
Negative Effects 
  • Mood Swings - Steroids increase the risk of mood disturbances, including mania and depression.
  • Risk Of Psychosis - Steroids increase hallucinations, or delusional beliefs, and make people exhibit personality changes and disorganized thinking.
  • Aggressiveness - Steroids increases the risk of aggressive acts, during which a person may injure self or others.
  • Cardiovascular Diseases - Steroids enhance the risk of cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attack and coronary artery disease.
  • Liver Diseases - Steroids distort the liver completely, thereby increasing the risk of liver disease and even cancer.
  • Acne - Steroids stimulate the production of oil in the skin, commonly known as sebum, which leads to acne outbreak.
  • Bad Breath - Those who take steroids often experience bad breath after intaking them.
  • Baldness - It is found that people who take steroids have greater chances of getting bald early.
  • Water Retention - Steroids makes the body retain salt and fluids, which leads to an increase in the weight of a person.
  • Muscle Cramps - Taking steroids may result in muscle cramps.
  • Increased Risk Of Muscle Tears - Steroids enhance the wear and tear in muscles, thereby causing cramps.
  • Increased Risk Of Tendon Injuries - Steroid use, if not accompanied with a proportionate increase in strength of the tendons, ligaments and joints, can lead to muscle injuries.
  • Increased Risk Of Nose Bleeds - Since steroids weaken the immune system, a person becomes prone to nose bleeds.
  • Insomnia - Steroids increases the risk of insomnia or forgetfulness in a person.
  • Decreased Immune System Effectiveness - Steroids weaken the immune system of a person, making him susceptible to infections.
  • Infertility - Steroid use might lead to reproduction problem in men, at times causing infertility as well.

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