Starting a running program is beneficial as it keeps you fit, physically as well as mentally. Go through the article, to get some tips on how to begin running.

How To Begin Running

Are you one of those who think of running or jogging, but always postpone the thought to the next morning? Though the start might be a difficult, it gets very easy once you have initiated the running program. Apart from keeping you physically active and strong, running also has a positive effect on the functioning of the mind. However, you need to start it in the right way, so as to enjoy the benefits. At the same time, remember to enjoy running, as nothing can be fruitful if you do it out of compulsion. Given below are some tips to help you start a running program. 
Starting A Running Program 
  • The first step to begin running would be to plan the schedule, for at least a week, in advance. Since you are not used to running, begin by allotting 20-30 minutes of running for three alternate days in a week. Ensure that after each day, you have a break, which would serve as the recovery time.
  • The next step would be to get a comfortable pair of running shoes. Remember that a right shoe for one person may be the wrong shoe for the other. So, go and buy one that fits your feet perfectly. The shoes might turn out to be a little costly, but would compensate for the money in the form of comfort.
  • Now that you have made up your mind and have a good pair of shoes as well, the only thing left is to start running. Wake up in the morning and go for it. Begin with light running.
  • Once you have jogged a few miles, it is the time to stretch. Though stretching before workout is a debatable topic, stretching after it is definitely advantageous. After running, make sure to stretch each muscle for about 15 seconds.
  • While running, do not pump your arms across your chest. Instead, relax yourself by keeping the arms at the waist level. Run swiftly and land softly, so as to avoid stress on the knees and other joints. Remember, runners land on their heels or mid-foot and roll forward to the toe.
  • Do not run on your toes, as this would cause your shins to hurt and might tighten the calves as well.
  • While running, it is important to breathe from the nose, rather than the mouth. The best technique for breathing would be to inhale oxygen from the nose, which would expand the lungs, and exhale through the mouth. 
  • The most important thing while running would be to enjoy doing it. Remember, running is good for both, the mind and the body. While the body stays fit, the mind gets relaxed, allowing fresh thoughts and ideas to come in.

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