Sprinting exercises are a great way to shape your body, losing the excessive fat. Go through the article, to know how to perform the sprinting workout.

Sprinting Exercise

Sprinting exercises are a great way to lose the extra fat in the body and reduce the stress levels. Such a workout is also very effective in increasing the body's metabolic rate. An additional benefit of doing sprinting workouts is that you can tone and shape your hamstrings muscles. However, make sure to warm up before doing any of the sprinting exercises. This way, not only would you reduce the risk of being injured or harmed, but will also be able to perform the exercises in a better way. The basic purpose of sprinting exercises is to spend minimal amount of time on the ground. While some of these exercises center around how high you can go, others aim on how far you can move. There is yet another other form of sprinting exercises, those concerned with how quickly you move from one step to the other. In the following lines, we give you a list of sprinting exercises, which you can do easily.
Sprinting Workout
Tuck Jumps
Position yourself by crouching or bending down and then jump high. While you are in air, tuck your legs into your chest before landing. Once you have landed on the ground, squat down again and explode off into the air. The transition from one jump to the other should be a smooth one.
Rocket Jumps
This exercise is almost like the previous one. The only difference is that instead of tucking you legs into your chest, you are required to make a full body stretch, right from the tip of the fingers to the toes. The body should appear to be in a straight line. On landing, bend down or crouch and set off for another stretch in air.
Lunge Jumps
In this exercise, you are first required to set yourself in a lunge position. While one leg is positioned in front, the other rests at the back. Bend a little and then jump into the air. While in air, switch the position of the legs i.e. keep the front leg at the back and the back leg in the front. The purpose of this exercise is basically to get as high as possible and land in the lunge position, with the position of the legs switched. 
Line Hops
For this exercise, you need to draw an imaginary line. Now, stand with your feet together on one side of the line. The aim of this exercise is to bounce back and forth across this line as quickly as possible. However, you need to make sure that your feet stay close together, throughout the process. Stretch your arms to the side. This would provide the balance you require.
Skips For Height
'Skips for Height' are just like the traditional skipping motions, but without the skipping rope. With each skip, spring up yourself as high as possible. Give a force with your arms when you are ready to go off ground. This would help you move higher in the air.
Skips For Distance
Similar to the 'Skips for Height', in 'Skips for Distance', the aim is to cover the maximum length possible and move forward. Pump the arms hard and stretch your leg, calf and ankle muscles completely.
Straight Leg Bounds
This sprinting exercise works well when the focus is on hamstrings and glutes. For this exercise, keep your legs absolutely straight. Stretch the legs forward as far as possible to cover ground.
Forward Weight Throws
This sprinting exercise is demanding and requires strength and power. Keep a small object in between your legs. Now, bend or squat down and then jump with the arms forward to release the weight. The basic aim of this exercise is to throw the weight as far as possible, jumping forward.
Overhead Weight Throws
This sprinting exercise is same as the previous one - the difference being that in this exercise, you are positioned in such a way that you have to throw the weight backwards. Stand with your back facing the place where you want to throw the weight. With the object in between your legs, squat down and jump backwards, releasing the weight over your head.

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