This article lists the best exercises for an effective exercise ball ab workout. Get those amazing abs by going for the medicine ball abdominal exercises listed here.

Exercise Ball Ab Workout

Using an exercise ball for your ab workout can prove to be a great option for getting those fabulous abs. But these exercises should be done with utmost care, lest you end up doing more harm than good. Medicine ball abdominal exercises can be done in either straight sets or super sets. In straight sets, you start with one exercise and do two to three sets before starting the next exercise, while you perform two pair of exercises without a break in the super sets. There is another way called circuit, in which you do all the exercises in a row, without stopping for rest. You can also do the circuit twice, while resting for about 2-3 minutes before starting with the next round. Whatever option you choose, make sure to do the exercises in the proper manner and with utmost care. This article comes up with some of the best exercises for an effective exercise ball ab workout. Read on to explore it fully.
Medicine Ball Ab Workout Exercises
Abdominal Curl
Abdominal curl involves working out all the muscle groups of the body in such a way that the pressure gets concentrated on the abs. For this reason only, it is considered to be a complete exercise. In this exercise, you have to keep the exercise ball on the floor and lie on it in such a way that you are parallel to the floor. Lift your shoulders up slowly, but don’t bend the hips at all. Now, go back to the starting point once again and repeat the entire set.
Abdominal Roll-Ups
Place the ball right in front of you and kneel down. Lay down on the top of the floor. Roll the ball towards your thighs and try to reach out for it while letting your hands touch the ground. Keep the abs contracted and shoulders aligned with the hands. Keep walking your hands until the chin touches the ball. Now, work your legs to keep the ball forward and bend your knees towards your chest, even as the ball is rolled under you, till the knees touch the chest. Go back to the starting point and repeat the entire set.
Butt Lift
Lie on the ball and let it support your head, neck and shoulders, with knees bent and the body worked out in a table-top position. Take your hips towards the floor, but don’t roll the ball at the same time. Now, raise your hips, until the body comes in a straight line. Go back to the starting point and repeat the entire set. If you intend to add more intensity to the exercise, you can hold weights on the hips and press through the heels.
Reverse Crunches
Lie down on the floor and position your feet on the top of the ball. Squeeze the balls against your thighs, using your heels. Exhale and curve towards the floor and leave the ball. Now get back to the starting position and repeat the entire set once again.
Side Rolls
Lie on your back and place your feet on the ball. Brace the ball against your thighs. Now, lift the ball from the floor and slowly lower your knees to the side, while the ball is still being lifted. Repeat it on both the sides and repeat the set after a break of two to three minutes.

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