This article provides information on women ab workouts. To know about the abdominal exercises for females, read the article.

Women Ab Workouts

Flat abs is a life long fantasy for women. The eagerness of a woman for a flat stomach can be estimated from the fact that she can take resort to any method just for that slim and slender figure. Crash dieting and starving are just some of the methods they employ to get rid of those extra kilograms. However, the fact remains that, to reduce weight effectively and possess a flaunting body; nothing can replace the formula of following a balanced diet and a well planned exercise routine. To acquire those mannequin curves and contours, you need to do exercises concentrated on the abdomen. Given below are some effective exercises for females, to be done in case of ab workouts.
Abdominal Workout for Women
Lie down on a mat, folding your legs in such a way that the feet are flat on the surface. Place your hands at the back of your head. Now, slowly lift your shoulders and try to touch your knees. This will put pressure on your abdominal muscles. Do the exercise without giving stress on your neck and putting the weight on your back. Make sure your movements are smooth. Do around three sets of 30 repetitions each, taking only few seconds’ rest in between.
Cable Crunches
For cable crunches, set up a double rope at the cable machine. Plant your knees on the floor and grab the ropes with your hands, locking them on the sides of the head. Now, slowly bring your elbows, along with the resistance, down to your knees. Hold the position for about two counts. After this, slowly raise your position to the point where your torso becomes parallel to the floor. Repeat three sets of 30 repetitions each.
Knee Ups
Sit down on the edge of a bench. To maintain balance, grasp the sides of the bench with your hands. Extend your legs outwards and slowly pull your knees towards your chest. This will squeeze your abdominal muscles, during the contraction. Hold the position for two seconds and then bring back your legs to the original position. Repeat three sets of 25 repetitions each.
Knee Raises

Firmly grip an overhead rod, with your chin up and arms spread slightly wider than your shoulders. Hang on the rod such that your feet are not touching the floor. Without swinging or rocking, bring your knees towards your abdomen such that they are locked at right angle (90 degree). Pressing your abs, hold the position for some seconds. Relax and release the position. Repeat three sets of 10 to 15 repetitions each.

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