Lower abdominal exercises mainly comprise of stretches & other workouts. Read on further and get information on workouts for a perfectly tones abdomen.

Stretches For Lower Abdominals

Be it a guy or a girl, everyone wants a flat stomach and well-toned abdominals. In fact, most of the people, who are otherwise perfectly healthy, join gym mainly lose to the excess weight from the stomach area. However, it is perfectly easy to shed the excess flab from stomach at home also. All you need to make sure is to do the right exercises and stick to them for a considerable time. In case you are looking for some lower abdominal exercises and workouts, this is just the article for you. Read the information provided below and get your key to a perfectly toned lower abdomen.
Stretches for Lower Abdominals
Abdominal Barbell Rollouts
For abdominal barbell rollouts, you need to kneel in a pushup position and keep a barbell before you. Now, place your hands on the barbell, keeping them atleast shoulder width apart. Hold the barbell tightly and push it ahead of you, in such a way that your body comes down to the floor. Just before your body is about to touch the floor, return to the initial position.
V-Up Raises
Lie down on a flat surface, joining both the legs and aligning the arms alongside the body. Now, raise both your legs and arms together, trying to keep them as straight as possible. Go till the point you feel comfortable and slowly, lower down to the starting position. Make sure to keep your back straight and inhale while raising your body and exhale while coming back.
Air Bike
Do you like cycling? Then, why don’t you try it out while lying down? Confused? We are talking about air biking that put pressure on the lower abdomen and tones them. Lie down on the ground, on your back. Fold your arms and keep your hands on either side of the head, slightly touching the ear. Raise your right arm and left leg together. Come back to the original position and repeat with left arm and right leg.
Leg Raise
Lie down on the ground, on your back. Straighten out your legs in the front and join them together. Putting pressure on your abdominals and hips, gently raise your legs from the point, till the time you feel comfortable. Hold for a few seconds and lower them. Just before, they are about to touch the ground, raise them again. Increase the height of the raise to increase intensity of the exercise.
Twisting Leg Raise
Lie down on the ground, on your back, and place your hands under your hips, in a way that the palms face down. Straighten your legs, and keeping them locked, twist your hips slightly to the right. Now, raise your legs to the right, at such an angle that they are vertical above your hips. Lower your legs to the original position, while exhaling, and repeat by twisting your hips to the left.

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