If you wish to build your chest triceps, then a workout focusing on the same is required. Check out some exercises and workouts for chest tricep.

Chest Tricep Workout

All those men, who wish to have a chiseled body, workout hard in gymnasiums. In effect, the fact that these muscles are considered one of the most difficult to develop is not hidden from them. However, under proper guidance, training and consistent effort, your hard work will surely bring out results. Though there are some simple exercises, which when focused on the area, have considerable effect, there are also a number of others which are specifically meant for the development of chest triceps. To know more about the chest triceps workouts, read the exercises given below.
Close Grip Bench Press
As the name suggests, they are more or less the same as bench press, the only difference being that they have a narrower grip than the standard bench presses. To lay emphasis on the triceps, keep your hands as close as possible, during the exercise. Grip the bar such that the index fingers of both hands are about six inches apart. Lift the barbell off the rack and lower it to your mid-chest section. As it touches your pectorals, push the weight upwards. Do not lock your elbows and squeeze your triceps during contraction.
Parallel Bar Dips
This exercise stresses your pectoral muscles and deltoids. To focus on triceps, maintain an erect position. Come off your feet, as you grab the bar and cross your ankles. Slowly bend your arms and push your torso towards the ground. After reaching the lowest position, raise up your body. For extra resistance, you can add weights around your waist.
Dumbell Kick Backs
Place one knee and its corresponding hand on a bench, for balance. Take the dumbbell in the opposite hand. Bend your torso such that you are positioned parallel to the floor. Keeping your upper arm constant, kick your lower arm straight back, such that it’s parallel to the ground. Squeeze the triceps and resume the original position.
Tricep Pressdowns

Attach a handle to the top cable and make a grip on it such that your thumbs are about four inches away. Lock your arms and bend your elbows at right angle, so that your lower arms are parallel to the floor. Now, push the handle down towards your upper legs, squeezing your triceps. Slowly, pull back the weight to the original position.

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