Regular exercising is very important for teenagers to keep them fit and healthy. Find out information on workout routine for teenagers.

Teen Exercise Routine

Everybody wants to look and feel good, more so the teenagers. If you are a teenager, you must be wondering what is the best way to exercise or what kind of exercise routine you should follow in order to look good and feel healthy as well. In this article, we tell you the exercises for teenagers. Read on to find out more about teen exercise routine. 
  1. Aerobic Exercise - There are various aerobic exercises that a teenager can do. This can include joining some aerobic exercise classes to playing and participating in sports like football, tennis, cricket, soccer, etc. Aerobic exercise also includes simple tasks like walking, jogging, swimming or running. Aerobics is beneficial for both the body and mind and can help you feel healthy and look good at the same time.
  2. Strength Training - Strength training basically means training using free weights, machines or simply your own body weight. It is done to increase the muscle strength and your endurance as well. When starting with weight training, make sure that you start with no weight and do it cautiously to avoid injuries later on. If possible, work with an expert like a coach, a weight trainer, etc. who will help you figure out which exercise is right for you. A trainer will also help you to do them the right way so that you don't hurt yourself or waste your time.
  3. Regular Exercise - Apart from aerobic exercises and participating in sports activities, one should just move around occasionally. Moving around is also a sort of exercise. If you sit in front of the television playing video games all day long, it will make your life a lot more difficult during the latter years.
  4. Energy - Remember, the more exercise you do, the more energy you would have for the future activities. What exercising does is it kicks your body into overdrive after you are continuously exercising, for say, a few weeks. As a result, you will feel more fit and energized than ever before.
  5. Avoid Overtraining - Although aerobic exercises, weight training, etc. can feel very good, but please do not overtrain yourself or your muscles will suffer as a result. If you have problems sleeping or feel exhausted all the time after exercising, this means you are overtraining your body. You need to dial down the intensity of your exercising routine.
  6. The following are simple exercises that any teenager can do in order to feel good and be healthy:
    • Aerobics
    • Badminton
    • Basketball
    • Biking
    • Dancing
    • Golf
    • Running or jogging
    • Skiing
    • Climbing
    • Swimming
    • Cycling
    • Wrestling 

Remember, as a teenager you would need these exercises to keep your heart and lungs at their best so that they can perform at their optimal level all through your life.

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