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How To Treat Teen Acne

The problem of acne is extremely common amongst teenagers. Majority of the individuals who go through adolescence are subjected to the skin ailment that mainly occurs because of the hormonal changes that take place in the body. Apart from that, the other major cause of teen acne might be bacterial infection. Though teen acne is a problem that cannot be prevented altogether, you can undergo certain steps to get rid of it as soon as possible. In case you want to know more about teen acne treatment, make use of the information provided in the lines below.
How to Treat Teen Acne 
  • Though acne is caused by hormonal changes and bacteria beneath the skin, you need to ensure that your skin remains clean. Make sure to wash your face, with a mild cleanser, twice a day. This will help keep your skin free of oil and also aid unclogging of the pores.
  • Indulge in exfoliation, twice a week, to remove the dead skin cells and debris that lead to clogging of pores. Make sure to use the exfoliating product that has small, smooth grains and does not have alcohol as base.
  • Before buying any kind of skin products, check the label properly. They should be alcohol-free and not have oil as base. While oil-based products worsen acne, those with alcohol rob the skin of natural oils. The latter, in turn, makes the glands produce more oil and results in acne outbreak.
  • Keep your hands away from your face, or any other affected area, as much as possible. Squeezing or picking away the pimple will only worsen the problem and might also result in permanent scarring.
  • In case you want to go for over-the-counter products, the ones containing benzoyl peroxide are believed to be the best. Still, it is advisable to consult a doctor first.
  • If your acne is very severe, you might consider taking antibiotics for the purpose. Then again, before going for any medication, it is better to consult a skin specialist.

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