If you wish to know how do you burp, this article is just perfect for you. Follow the instructions given here and learn to make yourself burp.

How To Burp

Burping is a natural phenomenon that is common in every individual. Also known as belching, ructus or eructation, it is usually accompanied with a distinct sound and at times, even an unplesant odor. Burping is the method by which human body releases small amount of gas that gets trapped with your food and drink, when they are on their way down. In this process, the gas is released from the digestive tract, especially from the stomach and esophagus. While eating or drinking, you sometimes swallow air (aerophagia), which is subsequently released in the form of belching.
While burping, the gas that is released consists of a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen. As the gas passes through the upper esophageal sphincter, there is vibration in this part of the body, which causes the sound that is often heard along with burping. Though it happens naturally, owing to the pressure build inside your system, a burp can also be induced if you are feeling bloated or uneasy. In fact, the knowledge of how to burp can be really helpful when you are in an uncomfortable situation. Read the information provided in the lines below and learn how to burp, in order to release the uncomfortable gas from your system.
How Do You Burp 
  • It is always difficult to burp when you are lying down. So, whenever you feel like burping, stand up or at least sit up. By doing, this gas will go up your system and enable you to burp easily.
  • Another way of inducing burping is by drinking a heavily carbonated beverage, like soft drinks. By consuming such a beverage, you will add gas to your stomach. As the gas rises up in your system, it may bring other gases up along, thereby assisting you in eliminating excess air out of your system. In this case, the air expelled outside mainly consists of carbon dioxide.
  • You can even try closing your mouth and nostrils, so that you do not inhale additional air. Now, exhale and swallow exhaled air with saliva. This way you introduce enough air into your system to burp. This method is useful for burping on command, but does not help in releasing existing gas.
  • Exerting pressure by gently patting the middle of your back as well as rubbing in circular motions also helps in burping. This way, you can stimulate the air inside to rise and eventually move out.
  • Another effective way of burping is by closing the mouth and letting the gas come out through the nose. While doing this, hold your hand up close to your nose, so that the released gas dissipates against it. This way, you will be able to mellow down your burping process. 
  • Burping is a common phenomenon and hence there are no worries associated with it. However, if there is any other symptom along with burping, such as nausea, dyspepsia and heartburn, then you should consult a physician immediately.
  • Do not try to burp for a long period of time, as this can result in vomiting as well.
  • Stay at distance from people, when you are attempting to burp, as the released gases might stink.

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