Washing hands is a simple act, but very vital for the proper maintenance of our health & hygiene. Read this article to know when & the correct ways to wash our hands.

Proper Way To Wash Hands

We are taught to wash our hands from our very childhood. Though a very simple act, it plays a vital role in the proper maintenance of our health and hygiene. However due to time constraints or just sheer laxity, it’s true that a lot of people refrain from washing their hands. And this is truer in case of children who spend maximum time playing and often forego hand-washing when they have to eat something yummy.
Infact the whole day, each one of us are engaged in different kinds of work like working on the computer, playing video games, working in the kitchen garden, etc. Since it’s often mostly our hands that have to be used for whatever we do, they easily pick up germs from surfaces and substances we touch. And not washing hands, especially prior eating means these germs directly gain entry into our body along with our food we eat and make us sick. As such, it’s very vital that we wash our hands.
When to Wash our Hands?
Below are some important times when it is pertinent for people to wash their hands -
·        After using toilet / loo
·        After one has touched any animal or animal waste
·        Prior and after making food (cooking)
·        Prior one begins to eat
·        After blowing nose
·        After one has coughed / sneezed into one’s hands
·        Prior and after attending to wounds / cuts
·        Prior and after touching a person who is sick or injured
·        After one has dumped / handled garbage
·        Prior putting on or taking off contact lenses
·        When using public loos / restrooms
Correct Ways to Wash Hands?
Wash Hands by Soap and Water
The proper and most common hand washing method comprises cleaning one’s hands with soap and water. Just follow the instructions provided below for washing your hands this way.
·        Wet your hand with the normal running water and apply liquid soap or bar soap now and lather properly.
·        Massage your hands properly together for about 15 to 20 seconds.
·        Do not leave out any surfaces such as backs of your hands, wrists and skin between the fingers and beneath fingernails.
·        Rinse well with water.
·        Now dry the hands on a clean towel. You can also use disposable towels. 
·        Use the towel to turn off the faucet.
Wash Hands with Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer
Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are excellent for washing / cleaning the hands and do not even require the use of water. These are effectively known to kill bacteria and viruses that may be present in our hands. Studies state that alcohol-based hand sanitizers cause less dryness of the skin in comparison to washing hands by soap. In order to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer –
·        Take around half teaspoon of alcohol-based hand sanitizers on the palm of the hand.
·        Massage the liquid on hands together properly until they dry up completely.
·        Incase your hands are very dirty, then its better that you wash them with wash with soap and water first and then use a sanitizer.

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