Toenail fungus is a very common contagious disease a lot of people all over the world are known to suffer from. Read about toenail fungus, its symptoms, causes and treatments.

Toenail Fungus Treatment

Toenail Fungus – What is it?
Also known by the name of Onychomycosis, the toenail is a very common ailment many people all over the world are known to suffer from. This particular ailment (toenail fungus) is caused by a certain type of fungus and occurs in dark, warm and moist places like the finger and toenails where it is difficult to reach or cure.
How to Recognize Toenail Fungus?
  • You can recognize the Toenail Fungus by the following symptoms –
  • Toenails turn flaky
  • Toenails become brittle
  • Toenails go on getting chipped
  • Toenails acquire a yellow, black, or brown tinge / spots
  • Toenails get thick and ache when wearing footwear
  • A bad smell emits from beneath the toenails
  • The skin under the toenails feels a stinging pain because of the fungal infection while walking
Reasons for Development of Toenail Fungus
Nails get more badly affected by the toenail fungus in comparison to the fingernail one. And this is due to the presence of ideal conditions in the toenails for fungus breeding.
Common causes of toenail fungus are -
  • Break / crack in the nail which assists the fungus to gain entry
  • Weak toenails due to wearing of very tight-fitting shoes
  • Wearing same shoes daily without letting the moisture within to dry completely
  • A lot of people cut toenails very close to the skin. In the process, they cause multiple small cuts in the skin that permits the fungus to enter and breed.
  • The chance of acquiring the fungus increases when your feet are damp for long periods of time. 
Treatment / Remedies for Toenail Fungus
Toenail fungus is transmittable. As such the moment you detect that you or someone else is suffering from toenail fungus, adhere to the following remedies / treatment methods to eradicate the disease.  
Fill a small tub with lukewarm water and vinegar (any type) in equal amounts. Now immerse the toenails in this solution for around 25 minutes or so and thereafter, wipe clean them completely with a dry towel and thereafter with super absorbent paper. This needs to be done twice daily until the symptoms vanish.
Tea Tree Oil
The tea tree oil which is a natural and strong fungicide and antiseptic has many and varied uses. Massage the affected toenail/s with cotton ball wetted with the tea tree oil. Repeat this process twice each day – in the morning as well as just prior going to bed till the fungus disappears.
A lot of homes keep this mouthwash. What you need to do is soak the affected toenail/s in the Listerine for around 25 minutes twice every day. The antiseptic will help remove the fungal infection from the nails.
Rubbing Alcohol
Purchase alcohol that’s very easily available at any pharmacy store. Nicely wet the affected toenail/s in alcohol for about 25 minutes twice daily. Dry completely using super absorbent paper towels.  
Hydrogen Peroxide (3%)
You can find this easily at any pharmacy store. Soak the toenail/s affected by the fungus in pure hydrogen peroxide (3%) for about 25 minutes twice daily in the morning and evening before sleeping. If you find the pure undiluted solution a little severe, then mix it half with water and then soak your feet. Dry with super absorbent paper napkin.
Advice for those Ailing from Toenail Fungus
  • Try as much as possible to avoid public shower stalls and loos because the fungus breeds at such places and you may get infected by it.
  • Do not ever use nail clippers belonging to someone else.
  • When getting your nails clipped off in a beauty parlor / salon, ensure that the nail clipper has been properly disinfected.

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