An ingrown toenail can lead to a severe infection, if not treated with a proper remedy at the right time. Explore the article to find some home remedies for ingrown toenails.

Ingrown Toenail Remedies

An ingrown toenail is the condition when the nail of a toe curls up and starts growing into the side skin. This results in breakage of the skin, which in turn leads to infection. This condition is called ‘onychocryptosis’. The problem of ingrown toenail commonly affects the big toe, though it can concern any of the other toes as well. It is accompanied by redness, swelling and pain. The problem is containable in the early stages, if you make use of the right home remedies. However, once the toenail becomes infectious, it is advisable to see a doctor for proper medical care. Follow the article to find some ingrown toenail remedies.
Home Remedy For Ingrown Toenails 
  • In the early stage of an ingrown toenail, when there is no infection, the pain and swelling can be relieved by soaking the troubled foot in warm water. Add some Espom salt to warm water and immerse your foot in it, for a period of 15 to 20 minutes. Being an antiseptic, Espom salt will also heal any signs of mild infection.
  • You can apply iodine on the affected area, which is also potent in inhibiting bacterial growth. However, iodine should not be used on a deeper wound.
  • Placing a small cotton ball under the ingrown nail will work to keep the surrounding skin safe from the spread of injury.  This will also help the nail grow and reach over the skin. Make sure that you change the cotton daily, to keep a check on infectious growth.
  • Fix in a thin slice of lemon between the nail and the skin and bandage it with medical tape. This will make it easier to separate the nail from the skin.
  • Another home remedy, which works in a similar way as the lemon one, is bandaging a thin slice of onion over the affected toenail and leaving it overnight.
  • Peroxide also serves as an effective home remedy for ingrown toenail. It is capable of healing minor infections.  
Preventive Measures 
  • Avoid wearing very tight socks, hose or shoes, as they put pressure on the toenails, which can have a bearing on the direction of nail growth.
  • Wear shoes that are broad at the base, as they are comfortable to wear. Open-toed sandals should be worn in case of an infection. They will help clear the infection fast.
  • In order to prevent the reoccurrence of ingrown toenails, always chip your toenails straight-across. At the same time, file the corners to remove any sharp edges that can dig into the skin. 
  • Those who are suffering from diabetes or any other condition that affects blood circulation should not treat the ingrown toenails on their own.
  • Home remedies can work as long as a severe infection doesn’t develop, but once it does, you should immediately consult a podiatrist for proper medical care. If the wound is allowed to deepen, it may result in complications.

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