Learn more about the location and benefits of the various acupressure points. You will benefit immensely.

Acupressure Points

Acupressure is a technique in which certain points on the body are manipulated in order to regulate the energies of the body. This technique can relieve tension and can have a positive effect on the mind and body. These points of manipulation are called acupressure points, acupoints, or pressure points. Pressure points can be manipulated in two ways – pressing and reducing. Pressing an acupressure point works best when something blunt is used, such as an eraser that is at the end of a pencil. In some cases, a fingernail can be used. For the best effect, pressure should be applied for about half a minute. For reducing the pressure, one need to turn a finger over the point in a counterclock wise direction for one to two times. You need to resort to reducing method only when it is needed as it is not a good idea to get into the habit of reducing the pressure
Acupuncture Pressure Points 
  • GB-44 – Located on the fourth toe (near the small toe), in the outer corner of the nail. Reduces timidity, resolves anger, and enhances focus and decisiveness.
  • KI-3 – Located on the inside of the foot. Lies halfway between the side of the anklebone and the Achilles tendon. Benefits: Effective for lower back pain and heals the body of the effects of excess fear.
  • KI-4 – Located level with the lower section of the anklebone on the inside of the foot, close to the Achilles tendon. Ideal to dispel timidity and fear and strengthens will power.
  • KI-6 – Located on the inside of the foot. Lies immediately below the centre of the anklebone. Improves vision and heals the body of the effects of excess fear.
  • LI-11 – Located on the side of the elbow, towards the outer side of the arm (halfway up the side of the arm). Deals with the effects of excess anger.
  • LI-4 – Located on the web between the index finger and thumb, on the upper side of the hand. Calms and helps let go of grief.
  • LIV-1 – Located at the lower corner of the nail of the big toe, on the side that faces other toes. Improves self-esteem and assertiveness.
  • LIV-2 – Located between the big toe and second toe, and placed approximately half a thumb’s width from the border of the web.
  • LIV-3 – Located on the foot, just between the big toe and the second toe. Helps alleviate depression and relaxes.
  • LU-1 – Located under the shoulder, on top of the chest. Alleviates asthma and cough and helps increase self worth.
  • LU-3 – Located on a upper arm, approximately a hand’s width under the auxiliary fold. Alleviates asthma and cough and eases feelings of grief, loss, or longing.
  • LU-7 – Located on the bone between the two tendons at the base of the thumb. Deals with the effects of excess grief.
  • LU-9 – Located at the point where the pulse and the tendon go into the thumb. Alleviates spiritual emptiness, feelings of grief, loss, longing, or regret.
  • P-7 – Located in the middle of the palm side of the wrist, between the two tendons. Deals with the effects of extreme emotion and reduces nervousness.
  • SI-19 – Located beside the ear, just in front of the tiny projection before the ear canal. Helps a person to listen to their own and others’ hearts.
  • SI-5 – Located beside the wrist, about a finger’s width under the crease of the wrist. Improves concentration.
  • SP-6 – Located on the inner side of the lower led, around four fingers’ width from the tip of the ankle bone, on the rear side of the shin bone. Reduces irritability, calms and relaxes.
  • ST-36 – Located on the front of the leg, approximately four fingers’ width below the kneecap. Increases energy and stamina.
  • TB-17 – Located on the lowest part of the ear behind the earlobe, in a depression about the size of a fingertip. Reduces sensitivity to what others say.
  • TB-5 – Located on the upper side of the lower arm approximately two thumbs width below the wrist. Increases expressiveness.

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