Acupressure has long been used to ease pregnancy, induce easy labor and facilitate childbirth. To know more on how to use acupressure points for inducing labor, read on.

Acupressure To Induce Labor

Whether you are already due for a delivery anytime soon or looking for an alternative means to avert painful labor induction, inducing labor through acupressure is perhaps the safest, simplest and best way to bring your baby to the world naturally. Popularly known as maternity acupressure, this ancient natural holistic method has been used for long, to make childbirth easier for both the mother and the baby. Recent scientific studies have confirmed that acupressure induces labor within 48 hours and is much less painful than the drug induced labors. It basically involves the simple act of applying pressure onto specific, sensitive points along the body. Labor acupressure have proven to be effective in inducing labor naturally, by helping in descending the baby, ripening and dilating of the cervix and making the contractions more frequent and successful. What's more, acupressure is known to battle morning sickness, prevent edema, cut down pregnancy related stress and more. It is perhaps the most relaxing of all the natural methods available. Read on to know how to use acupressure points for inducing labor.
How To Use Acupressure Points For Inducing Labor
One of the vital pressure points, ‘Hoku’ or LI4, can be traced to the back of the hand. This point is precisely located about midway between the index and the thumb, probably in the point of intersection. This point, which lies between the two fingers, has to be pressed and then rubbed in a circular motion for few seconds for best results. If pressed steadily during contractions, it can provide relief in pain and also stimulates the large intestine to induce contractions.
Spleen 6
The second acupressure technique involves the pressure point called Spleen-6, also known as SP-6 or Three Yin Intersection. This pressure point is located inside the leg, just above the ankle, about four finger width above the ankle bone, to be more precise. To locate the exact position, measure 4 fingers above the ankle bone where you will find the point right behind the shin bone. Rub this area for a minute to help induce labor. Working on this pressure point also helps one to calm down, reduce fear and bring down anxiety.
Bladder 32
The third point lies midway between the dimple in the buttock and the spine and is known as Bladder 32. This pressure point can be quite tricky to locate. The best way to find this point is to trace a line between your buttocks and the end of your spine with your finger. You will find a small depression there. Gently massage the point for a minute for immediate results.
Another acupressure point that is located on the muscle that connects the neck and shoulder is the C7. To locate this pressure point, feel for the highest point on the muscle, near neck. The exact pressure point is located a few inches below this highest point. Tracking this pressure point is not difficult, as it is likely to be the tenderest spot, along the length of the entire muscle. This acupressure point would feel tender with a numbing, buzzing or warming sensation when touched. Gently massage this pressure point to induce labor.

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