Inducing labor naturally is an imperative procedure which promises a smooth delivery for your baby. Given in this article are some of the most efficient ways to induce labor.

How To Induce Labor

Nine months are almost up and you can’t wait to see the face of your baby. Straddling across streets and malls has been quite a challenge. You dream of the second you can shift the weight of your foetus from your belly to the new empty tram that lies idle besides your bedpost. To your dismay, the due date has passed and the bun’s not yet out of the oven! Your doctor flashes a red flag. If the baby’s not out a week within the due date, a C-Section is the next best alternative! The risk of placental malfunction increases dramatically after 42 weeks of pregnancy. Also, early labor is a blessing in disguise for mothers who grow fatigued with the burdens accompanied by pregnancy and for circumstances wherein a fetus might have developed certain complications like unreassuringly fetal heart rate within the womb. There are several natural ways to induce labor which can be tried out alone or with a partner at home. Inducing labor at home enhances the overall birth experience and eliminates a great deal of stress. Scroll down below to find out a few reliable techniques for inducing labor naturally. But keep in mind that the techniques given below are for information purposes only. Take proper medical advice before following these techniques.

Induce Labor Naturally

  • Without overexerting yourself, devote substantial time and effort into climbing the stairs, two at a time. This will open up the pelvis and put pressure in all the right body parts. Taking long walks and swimming with the tummy facing down on a regular basis does wonders for pregnant women.
  • Perform this exercise that requires you to sit on a birth or pilate's ball with your legs wide apart. As your pelvis gradually opens, start bouncing up and down. Keep doing this as you entertain yourself with a movie or any television series.
  • Nipple stimulation is a brilliant labor inducing technique. Between your thumb and forefinger, hold your nipple as you roll it back and forth. Continue this motion for 5-10 minutes with both your hands until your fingers are tired. You could ask your partner to do it for you if you lack energy.
  • Certain pressure points in a woman’s body simplify the labor inducing process by a marathon. Only a skilled acupuncturist can access these. Although many say that acupuncture is a sign of desperation, it tackles the problem with just a few pricks!
  • For many procrastinated pregnancies, castor oil might be the essential remedy. Majority of midwives recommend and insist that it be taken at the right times. For instance, 5 AM on an empty stomach is the standard stipulation. Mix your castor oil with a little Hershey's syrup to take the edge off its horrid taste. Chase a large sip of the castor oil with a gulp of root beer. Take a deep breath and start thinking about the way you’d like to give birth. Keep repeating this process till you’ve finished 4 oz of castor oil.
  • Tropical fruits like pineapples, mangoes and kiwis contain enzymes that help tone a woman’s cervix. Hence, they will probably speed up the labor process!
  • Relaxation is the salient key to ensuring a stable delivery! Neither do you or your baby gain by being stressed out. Instead talk to your unborn, as crazy as it may sound. After all, various cultures believe that babies that have not been welcomed will not come into the world.
  • Remember how your foetus was formed? Doctors say that what got the baby in coincidentally gets the baby out! If you want to induce labor and have fun at the same time, have sex! Semen contains natural prostaglandins (cervical ripening agents) which cause your cervix to ripen quickly. Since sexual activities are relaxing, sex is the best solution to inducing labor as orgasms trigger numerous contractions!
  • Ask your medical practitioner to manually induce contractions from the inside. Midwives refer to this technique as a "sweep," and it can be downright painful! But in the long run, it is worth the agony.

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