Is your pregnancy coming to its full term? Read on to find out how to naturally induce labor.

How To Naturally Induce Labor

Pregnancy is a time when every mother feels special. Giving birth to a new life is one of the most enjoyable things in the world. As you feel that human miracle growing within you, you just can't wait to be able to hold your baby in your arms, to cuddle it and to shower it with all the love in the world. However, as the term of pregnancy reaches its completion, there are some women for whom labor can literally be a laborious task. Inducing labor and uterus contractions can be quite a task. There are many medicines and chemicals used to induce labor, which can be harmful to the mother as well as the child. The good news is that there are natural ways to induce labor, and these are much easier and safer than medication. Find out more information on natural ways to induce labor.
Natural Ways To Induce Labor 
  • One of the simplest ways to stimulate labor is by walking. Walking helps put gravity and motion to work for you. When you are standing, the baby’s head naturally puts pressure on your pelvic floor and cervix, encouraging it to open. Moving will help stimulate the uterus to contract.
  • Your body has several acupressure points which are known to stimulate the uterus to contract. Therefore, acupressure, acupuncture and reflexology are very effective ways to naturally induce labor. For this, you might have to call a practitioner or get advice from independent childbirth instructors.
  • Get rid of all unwanted and unnecessary stress from your life. If you have any unresolved worries or fears now is the time to resolve them. Practice your relaxation exercises regularly for labor. Since psychological effects are numerous, fear, anxiety or stress can actually cause a delay or may inhibit labor.
  • Evening Primrose Oil is a natural way to boost prostaglandin levels, which helps to ripen the cervix. It is available in almost all retail shops in the form of a capsule. You can consume it orally after 34 weeks gestation and insert the capsule into the vagina around 38 weeks of pregnancy. However, consult a medical expert before starting on it.
  • Castor oil is one of the most famous and oldest methods to induce labor. But, this should be used only as a last resort, under a doctor’s direction. It can even trigger intestinal cramps and diarrhea if used out of hand.
  • Spicy foods are also popular for inducing labor. It is possible that irritation in the digestive system caused due to spicy food can contribute to stimulating uterus contractions. Pineapple, oregano and licorice have all been credited with inducing labor at one time or another.
  • Sex is advised by experts as one of the ways to induce labor because semen contains natural prostaglandins that remain against the cervix as long as possible. Also, Oxytocin, the hormone which causes contraction is the same hormone that is released during orgasm.

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