There are many natural ways to induce labor, especially when you are past your due date. Check out information on home methods to induce labor naturally.

Inducing Labor

It all began from that first 2 weeks of morning sickness and food craving and before you even knew it, the baby is due to come out! Usually, pregnant women are known to go into labor between the 37th - 41st weeks. However, if you feel absolutely no contractions or false labor till your 41st week, you may consider inducing labor naturally. Also, if you think the baby is trying to push through after the 37th week but you may not go into labor, you can try inducing labor. Usually, your doctor is the best person to decide whether you must do it or not. Check out these natural ways to induce labor.
One of the most relaxing ways to induce labor is by stimulating the acupressure points. For this, you need to be in a relaxed frame of mind and not get tensed about anything. Call in a professional acupressure practitioner or ask your doctor about acupressure points. Take a warm water bath and light some scented candles to calm yourself. Now, stimulate the acupressure points and the results can be seen in 24 - 48 hours.
Eating Certain Foods
Usually, eating fruits like pineapple, mango and kiwi is said to induce labor naturally. Also, having a spicy course of meal may induce labor and also make it easy. Having Raspberry leaf tea may not really induce labor but definitely softens the uterus, leading to less painful delivery. Ask your doctor for Evening Primrose capsules or tablets that are known to open the cervix leading to an easy delivery.
Oil/Herbal Massage
A relaxing massage with essential oils, herbal oils or aroma oils can induce labor. Massage your stomach, abdomen, breasts and the lower back. Massaging the breasts with oil is known to induce labor naturally as it releases a certain hormone known as oxytocin that leads to labor. 
Being pregnant nine months and the apprehension of going into labor may not really set the mood for sex! But, this is one of the commonly used techniques to induce labor naturally. Oxytocin, which released during sex, helps the uterus to contract thus naturally making it go into labor.

One of the most relaxing and easy ways to induce labor is by going for a walk. It moves all the muscles in the body and reduces stiffness also. Climbing a flight of stairs is also known to help. The force of gravity often makes the cervix open up little by little and places your baby in a better position before delivery.

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