Weightlifting exercises have become the current favorite amongst women who want to have a good figure. In this article, we have provided weight training tips and weightlifting exercises for women.

Weight Lifting For Women

The myth that weight lifting leads to the development of bulging muscles is slowly fading away. People have started realizing that weight training helps in the toning muscles, more quickly and effectively than the usual exercises. This has led to women getting interested in weight lifting, mainly for getting a good figure. However, most of them do not know exactly how to reap the benefits of a weight training program. To help all such women, we have written this article, providing comprehensive information on weight lifting and weight training.
Weight Training Tips for Women 
  • Make sure to set a goal for yourself, as to what are you trying to achieve by weight lifting. Do you want to maintain your overall heath or develop your muscles or anything else? This will help you develop a beneficial weight training program, targeting the proper muscles.
  • Try to stick with your routine, once you have made it. Do not skip the routine altogether; do atleast some of the exercises.
  • Get expert help while developing the weight lifting program. This will ensure that you do the right exercises, in the right manner.
  • Do not stick to a single exercise only. Try to incorporate a variety of exercises, machines and resistances. This will make sure that you get a full body workout.
  • Don’t hurry with the exercises to do the whole routine quickly. Give enough time to each & every exercise, so that the muscles develop fully.
  • Drinking a little caffeine or soda sometime before exercising can give you an extra energy boost.
  • Last, but not the least. Be a little patient with your exercise program. It takes time for the benefits to be visible. You cannot develop a toned body in a day. 
Weightlifting Exercises for Women 
  • One of the weight lifting exercises that put the pressure on the legs is the Deadlift. Stand straight, with your hands (holding the dumbbells) by your side. Now lower you body, as you do while sitting on a chair, tilting you back a little towards the front. Go lower till you reach the position that you have when you are sitting on a chair. Hold it for a few seconds and then come back the original position.
  • Standing Calf Raise, as the name suggests, helps in the development of calf muscles. Take the aerobics plank and partly put one foot on it (with toes on the plank and heel on the ground). Take dumbbells in your hands and place them by your side. Now lift the foot which is not on the plank and then, slowly rise your other foot off the ground (putting pressure on the toes). Hold for a few seconds & then come back the original position. Repeat the procedure with the other foot on the plank.
  • For toning the pectorals, go for the Chest Fly. In this exercise, you are required to lie down on a bench. Hold the dumbbells in your hands and spread the arms by your side. Now, bring both of hands over your chest and then, return them to the original position. Do a complete set.
  • Bent-over Row is a compound exercise, good for biceps, forearms, traps and rear deltoids. Fold your left leg and keep it over a bench. Bend your back till it is parallel to the bench, supporting it with left hand. Now, take the dumbbell in your right hand and pull the hand towards the stomach. Return back to the straight position and then, do a complete set. Now, perform the set with your other leg and hand.
  • For toning deltoids, forearms and traps, Lateral Raise is a very good exercise. Stand straight, holding the dumbbells in your hands (by your side). Spread your legs to make sure that your feet are parallel to your shoulders. Now, lift your arms upwards, till they are parallel to the floor. Return back to the original position and do a complete set.
  • Triceps Extension helps in toning the arms, chest and back. Lie down on a bench and fold your legs. Take dumbbells in your hands and stretch your arms in a way that they are perpendicular to the floor. Now, bend your elbows in such a way that your dumbbells are perpendicular to the floor. Come back to the initial position and do a complete set.

For toning your arms, Dumbbell Raise is the best. Sit on a chair and take dumbbells in your hands. Now, place your elbows on your knees in a way that your forearms are parallel to the floor. Putting pressure on the elbows, raise your forearms till they become perpendicular to the floor. Return back to the original position and do a complete set.

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