Do you usually pull a muscle during a push up? Given here is information on how to do push up easily and properly.

How To Do Push Up

Don’t you wish you had a perfectly toned upper body like those army trainees? Now, you really don’t need to go and join the army for that! Nor do you have to run to the gym for achieving a finely shaped upper body. The good news is that push ups, the perfect exercise to tone your torso and strengthen your arms, can be done right at your home. The bad news is, you are yet to get started! If you want to know how to do push up easily and properly, just read these instructions below and get started right now!
Things Required
  • Mat
  • Non-restrictive or Exercise Clothes
  • Comfortable Shoes
  • Push up should be done on an even surface, so prefer to do it on a floor or a leveled ground. Spread the mat and lie on it with your chest and stomach facing the ground. Place the palms flat on the floor at your shoulder level. The feet should be together with just a little gap between them, making them parallel to each other.
  • Face forward and keep the head straight; don’t look down. It tires the neck. When you come down during the exercise, your chin should touch the floor, not your nose. The toes should be tucked under the feet and try to keep your legs straight.
  • Now, lift up your body slowly and straighten your arms as you go up. Your palms should be fixed at the position they were in before. Keep your spine straight and don’t bend your body.
  • Follow a proper breathing pattern. Exhale as you go up and inhale as you come down. Pause for a couple of seconds when you go up and hold yourself there. Slowly come down and relax your hands, without moving your palms.
  • Repeat this process till the time you don’t feel too strained or too tired. If at any time, your arms feel strained or you become unsteady, come down to your original position and relax. Don’t hold your breath when you raise your body as it increases blood pressure.

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