Out of breath, after a jog of one minute? If yes, then it is important for you to learn about breathing properly while jogging. With the tips given here, know how to breathe properly while running.

How To Breathe Properly While Running

Do you feel out of breath after running for hardly a few minutes? Breathing properly while running is very important to get the maximum benefit out of the physical activity. In fact, 'how to breathe properly while running' is one of the most searched topics and a question asked by even the professional runners. Actually, if we don't breathe properly while running, we reach a stage of feeling out of breath i.e. anaerobic threshold soon after we start running. What happens here is that we end up using more oxygen for the exercise than what we supply out body, through breathing. Learning proper breathing technique will make you an effective runner, improve your endurance, and make the exercise enjoyable and relaxing as well. Go through the tips given below and follow them to the letter, to develop a better breathing process while running. In case you feel yourself out of breath, even days after starting with the right breathing procedure, then you may be running too fast, be allergic to the pollens, have asthma or any other complications. It is advisable to visit a doctor ASAP.  
Tips For Breathing Properly While Jogging
  • Breathe like you would do while standing. Breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. It will help you take deep breaths and relax your muscles as well. If you breathe in through your mouth, you may get out of breath very soon.
  • You can pick a foot to begin the inhaling and exhaling cycle, say the right and left foot, respectively. When your right foot hits the ground, inhale and when your left foot hits the ground, exhale. It may seem very difficult at first, but soon, you will get used to it and it will become easier.
  • One more thing, which you need to keep in mind, is to take deep breaths initially. For starters, take breaths from the belly, as opposed to the lungs. This will help in reducing the side stitches.
  • You can also include a rhythmic pattern, if you want, in the breathing, somewhat in a 2/2 ratio. Take two steps as you inhale and two steps as you exhale. If you run very slowly, the ratio can be increased and in case you are running fast, the ratio will decrease.
  • While you are running or jogging, your jaws should be relaxed and your mouth should open a little. It will help you breathe easily and in a better way.
  • Jog in a peaceful and green environment. Running on the road will not help your breathing pattern at all.
  • If you are beginner for running, start with a run-walk routine. You can start with a few minutes jog and then walk for a few minutes. Gradually, increase the running time and decrease the walking time. You would reach a stage where you would be able to run for 20-30 minutes, without needing a break. Happy jogging!

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