Hyperactive kids are difficult to handle and exhibit varied characteristics. This article discusses the signs and symptoms of hyperactivity in children and mentions their basic traits.

Hyperactivity In Children

In children, hyperactivity is seen to be a common problem. A hyperactive child exhibits frequent temper outbursts and rowdy behavior. Such children are restless and find it difficult to engage themselves in activities quietly. They may also talk excessively and are basically, over-active by nature. In extreme cases, the problem many develop into a disorder as well, known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Children of a hyperactive disposition can be difficult to handle for both teachers and parents. Trying to constrain them can make them completely out of control. The article analyses the behavior of hyperactive children and dwells on the signs and symptoms of hyperactivity.
Signs & Symptoms Of Hyperactivity In Kids
Short Attention Span
It is believed that hyperactive children have a short attention span and get distracted too easily. However, short attention span alone should not be always confused with hyperactivity, as a lot of children tend to be less focused. Hyperactive children are forgetful and much disorganized in nature. They would peep outside the class or engage in other activities, while the teacher is teaching. They do not follow instructions very carefully, as they have a tough time remembering them.
Hyperactive children are, usually, very impulsive by nature. for instance, they tend to give answers before the questions have been completed. Such children act hastily and often bring problems over themselves, because of their reckless behavior. They would unnecessarily hurry to do what they want and find it extremely difficult to wait for their turn. Keeping patience is not their cup of tea and they might be known for intruding upon others as well. As a result, such children fail to plan ahead.
Children who are overactive by nature can also be categorized as hyperactive, when they show other symptoms as well. You would rarely find these children sticking to their seats, due to their tendency to be over active. They seem to have excess energy and often over work themselves. This abundance of energy needs to be handled with care. If channelized in the right way, the excess energy can be converted into increased productivity as well.
Mood Swings
Hyperactive children often suffer from mood swings and it is difficult to comprehend their moods. They have an unpredictable behavior and it is quite normal to witness emotional outburst in such children, for no reason at all. They can display extreme anger and can become violent under certain circumstances. If your child exhibits frequent mood swings, there is a high probability he/she is hyperactive.
Disruptive Behavior
Children suffering from hyperactivity can have a very disruptive behavior and may disturb classes regularly, making it difficult for the teachers to handle them. At home, such children lead a messy and unsystematic life and are capable of disrupting the normal flow of activities. Their disorderly actions are a constant source of trouble at home.
Poor Memory
Hyperactive children, generally, have a poor memory. In certain cases however, the memory is average. The poor memory can also be attributed to their lack of concentration. Since they are not very attentive, they find it quite hard to remember things as well. Their studies also get adversely affected because of their poor memory.

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