The physical and mental changes experienced by a woman, after conception, are regarded as early signs of being pregnant. Read the article to know all about the earliest possible signs of pregnancy.

Earliest Possible Signs Of Pregnancy

Have you missed your menstrual cycle this month? Do you find yourself going to the washroom more often than usual? Does the mere thought of a strongly flavored food make you feel like vomiting? If yes, then maybe you are pregnant. The aforementioned health conditions are just some of the early signs of pregnancy. While they are very common in most women, some may suffer from other symptoms as well. If you want to know all about the earliest possible signs of pregnancy, go through the following lines.  
Early Signs Of Being Pregnant
Missing Menstrual Cycle
One of the earliest signs of pregnancy is missing your regular menstrual cycle. Most women figure out that they are pregnant, when they miss their periods. This is largely because of the change in the hormonal makeup of the body.
Change In The Breast Size
Change in the breast size yet another earliest possible sign of pregnancy. Women may notice a change in their breast size, when they become pregnant. This is because the breast starts becoming ready for milk production, during the very first week of pregnancy. This may even lead to soreness in the nipples and a larger areola (the small circular dark area around the nipple).
Right after conception, the women's body undergoes a metabolic change, in order to begin the process of growth and support for the fetus. This results in tiredness, especially during the first week of pregnancy. This is why, tiredness is cited as an earliest possible sign of pregnancy.
Although not all women suffer from nausea after conception, it is also regarded as one of the early signs of being pregnant. It may be triggered by any activity, smell, foods, or even seemingly nothing. Many women also develop distaste for almost everything they used to eat earlier.
Mood Swings
It is perfectly normal to have mood swings during the early weeks of pregnancy, because your mind would be preparing itself for a new responsibility. You may also get irritated for no reason, probably because the mind is suddenly filled with a series of questions about the timing, labor, delivery, etc.
Morning Sickness
Morning sickness is one of the visible signs of pregnancy. The condition might be triggered due to a number of reasons. You might have craving for food, but don't feel like eating. So, you feel queasy. At this point of time, you may not sip your coffee in the morning. The breakfast you eat might just not suit your stomach, when you are pregnant. The food that you eat at this stage might even make you feel sick.
During the early weeks of pregnancy, the uterus starts to swell, thereby pushing against the stomach and other organs, as it grows. In addition to this, the increase in the number of hormones might reduce the rate of digestion and bowel movement, in order to allow the body to absorb as much nutrients from the food as possible. This leads to constipation.
Heartburn is an after-effect of constipation, during the first week of pregnancy. Since the stomach gets emptied slowly, it causes the release of more stomach acids to aid digestion. This, in turn, gives rise to the feeling of heartburn.
Sensitive Nose   
A pregnant woman, during the first week after conception, develops high sensitivity to aromas. The strong smell of spicy foods might make you puke and feel irritated too. The estrogen that floods the body is the root cause for this early symptom of pregnancy.
Food Craving
After conceiving, you would automatically develop a strong craving for certain foods. You might want to relish on spicy treats at odd hours of the day. This is largely due to the change in the metabolism and appetite.

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