Want to know what are the symptoms of pregnancy? Read on to know the early sings of pregnancy.

Symptoms Of Pregnancy

You both have been living with each other with much happiness and love. However, now you feel the need for an addition in the family. A third member, who would bring immense joy and happiness and make you feel like a family. So you try to conceive and after quite some attempts, start to wonder if you really are pregnant. Though there have been quite some physiological changes that you have noticed, you are a bit doubtful as to whether these are the symptoms of pregnancy. So in case you are one of those who thinks is going through the early signs of pregnancy, read on to know more about them.
Missed Period
One of the most common signs of early pregnancy is missing your periods. Though it may also be a case of delayed periods, it is always better to follow it up with a pregnancy test in order to be sure. You may do it with the various pregnancy kits that are available at medical stores or may go to your doctor for a pelvic exam. Even if you do get your periods, they may be very scanty or light.
Morning Sickness
Most women complain of morning sickness that begins around the first two weeks of conceiving. Many women experience nausea as soon as they get up in the morning. One may experience vomiting also, though it differs from person to person. The name is a bit misleading as nausea may occur anytime, morning, afternoon, evening or night. Not just food, even certain smells can trigger off nausea.
Frequent Urination
Regular trips to the restroom will make you feel as if you have virtually moved in to that place! Since the embryo is growing day by day, the uterus expands thus putting pressure on the bladder. This leads to frequent urination. Usually, most women experience frequent urination during the first and the third trimesters of pregnancy.
Unusual Fatigue
You have always been active and a powerhouse of energy. But now you feel unusually tired and experience fatigue even without doing anything. The reason is that now your body is trying doubly hard to adjust to the rapid changes that pregnancy is bringing about. The heart pumps harder, you tend to breathe heavily and the body sucks up all the available nutrients for the growth and development of the fetus. Due to the sudden changes in hormonal levels, women may feel emotionally frustrated, leading to further fatigue. They need to know that this normal and will go away with time.
Tenderness in Breasts
Due to hormonal and physiological changes in the body, the breasts may seem sore and tender, accompanied by some swelling. This is experienced by almost all women, sometime as early as second week of conception. Since they are naturally sensitive, they become all the more tender and sensitive during pregnancy.
Implantation Bleeding

Though this differs from person to person, many women experience implantation bleeding. This basically means that the fertilized egg plants itself on the lining of the uterus. Women may experience slight bleeding or spotting between 3-6 days of conceiving. To be sure, please visit the doctor and confirm the good news!

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